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Nancy Drew Enthusiast Sets Up Crowdfunding Campaign for Exciting New M

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Indie game developer, Hannahontrek, driven by her passion for Nancy Drew PC games and classic point-and-click adventures like King's Quest and Dust: A Tale of the Wired West, has embarked on creating a detective series named Alex Hill. Building upon her love for intriguing mystery characters, particularly Nancy Drew, Hannah is now preparing to crowdfund on Indiegogo, starting October 23.

With her dedication, the Alex Hill series promises to offer an immersive experience for gamers who share her passion for solving mysteries. Players will step into the role of Detective Alexandra Hill, as they explore a haunted inn, unravel puzzles, encounter intriguing characters, and snoop with the best of them.

"Alex Hill is the type of game I love to play," said Hannah. "I grew up playing the Nancy Drew PC games which have a dedicated and enthusiastic fanbase, but I rarely encounter games like it. Overall, I want to tell a good story while creating that cozy, crime-solving feel that I enjoy."

The minimum funding goal for Alex Hill is set at $20,000. Reaching that goal will mean that the game will be fully voice acted. "Voice acting can make or break a dialogue heavy game," says Hannah. "I plan on using my theater background to voice Alex, but there are several other characters that need to be brought to life, and I want to make sure it's done well."

Funds will also cover the cost of animation, art and design and ensure that the game will be released within two years.

Hannah hopes to attract other mystery enthusiasts to follow her on this game development journey. Support and involvement in her campaign will be greatly appreciated, as it will help bring this detective series to life.

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