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Monkey Splash!! is out NOW – race, dive, and battle your way up, up, a

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London, November 13 2023 – It's time to get stuck into some arcade action with Monkey Splash!! – an exhilarating arcade action platformer. Help a West Country monkey (other monkeys are available) with sick drip (this is compulsory, all the monkeys look cool as hell) score tens across the board!

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Monkey Splash!!, the monkey-based action platformer, is OUT NOW on PC and Mac. In the utopian future, monkeys have got really into the sport of diving. There's only one problem: they just can't get high up enough. Can you help them climb the wonders of the world, race evil rabbits, and battle fire-breathing birds, all while staying fed so you can barf up as much juice as humanly (primately?) possible.

With simple one-click controls, Monkey Splash!! is simple enough to get the hang of, but challenging to master. Inspired by those gruelling online arcade games of old, Monkey Splash is built on the Solar Flare team's personality.

Expect goofy humour and hilarious voice acting throughout, monkeys looking fly as hell, and a unique vibey club beat specifically designed for each level. You'll even learn some historical facts about each location from Ned the Easter Island Head! What a nice guy.

The Solar Flare team is dedicated to creating games inspired by the ones they grew up with, and Monkey Splash!! is a fantastic example of this. With so much to collect and complete, Monkey Splash!! is just as perfect for completionists as it is for quick blasts of arcade action.

Review copies of Monkey Splash are available, so go ahead and get in touch with us at [email protected] – we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


“Monkey Splash!! is a game close to my heart, as it's a remake of a little project we did in University. We've grown a lot since then, so being able to enhance the game in terms of feel, visuals and audio has been a great process to work through. Creating a simple, but challenging and hopefully addictive arcade game is what we've set out to do. On top of that, being able to inject our own personality and make unconventional additions has been a lot of fun, and will hopefully get a bit of laughter. Examples include the regional British Monkeys, the Scorch Duck Boss Fights (brought over from a separate personal project), and the Landmark Facts from Ned. There’s a bunch more to discover, best of luck making it to the top!”

– Max Elmore – Project Lead / Level Designer

“It’s got funny monkeys in it, what more do you want?”

– Jake Denton – Programming Lead

“MonkeySplash!!, like all our projects, is a little bit weird and a lot of fun and we always want that to immediately show through the style of the game. MonkeySplash!! brings a happy holiday vibe straight to your screen.”

– Del Manno – Art Lead

"I hope that one day I hear the Monkey Splash!! Soundtrack resonating from every nightclub around the world!"

– Spike Foster – Sound / Music Lead


– Monkeys

– Simple one-click controls

– Monkeys wearing headphones

– 30 unique levels, each with dedicated art and music

– Delicious fruity power-ups

– Boss fights and race levels to test your skill

– Monkeys

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About Solar Flare:

Solar Flare is an indie studio comprised of like-minded Games Design graduates. Along with Monkey Splash!!, the team is known for double Indie Cup-nominated Fool’s Gold. Lead designer Max Elmore, sound engineer Spike Foster, artist Del Manno, and programmer Jake Denton comprise the Solar Flare team.

Solar Flare is set to become a part of the next generation of indie developers, making the kinds of games they grew up playing, and injecting joy into the act of play.

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