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Learn to ward off cheaters & other threats to online games in a free w

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Gamers have unprecedented access to cheats for competitive multiplayer games. Motivations for cheating are plenty, like gaining an unfair advantage in competitive tournaments or building a casual subscriber base on Twitch. Whatever the motivation may be, the outcome is always the same: communities abandon games with cheats in search of a fair multiplayer experience.

Join Michail Greshishchev for a 1-hour interactive session onTuesday, July 21at 1 PM ET to learn about modern threats to multiplayer games and how Denuvo Anti-Cheat addresses those threats without requiring modification of the game’s source code.

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Viewerscan expect the following takeaways:A list of key security features a modern multiplayer title must haveAn answer to the question: Why are there cheaters in every multiplayer game?Opinion on why the ancient “kernel-mode” anti-cheat approach is suddenly a hot topicRebuttals to popular Denuvo myths, such as performance overheadAn understanding of threats addressed by Denuvo Anti-Cheat


Michail Greshishchev

Michail Greshishchev Product Owner Denuvo

Michail is a software engineer with a passion for reverse engineering. His career revolves around software reliability & safety critical systems. On his spare time, he enjoys disassembly, static and dynamic analysis of software and hardware, indie game development, and working on machine learning projects. His recent accomplishments were contributing a security analysis framework to Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), enabling automotive manufacturers to protect future cars from cyber-attacks, and winning a US Navy CTF hacking competition in Austin, Texas. Presently, He is a product owner at Denuvo.

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Moderator: Alissa McAloon News Editor and Associate Publisher Gamasutra

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