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5 challenges for game producers and production directors in 2021

Presented by Favro

It’s clear that video games are the future of entertainment but this success and this, coupled with the rise of live-service games driving ever-increasing player demand for more and more content, has created an extremely challenging environment for Game Producers and Production Directors.

How can they possibly plan, organize, and manage huge multi-discipline teams with the expectations of never-ending releases, content drops, and live-ops events? Just as important, how can they meet these demands without constant crunch and team burnout?

Jon Leslie and Patric Palm have spent the last two decades helping game production professionals worldwide succeed, and want to use that expertise to developers navigate what they see as the top five challenges producers and production directors face. In this free guide, Leslie and Palm share how to manage multi-discipline teams running a live-service game with never-ending releases, content drops, and live-ops.

Learn about these studio challenges and their solutions:

Synchronizing development teams with other studio teams and departments like marketing and community management.External development.Fast growing team recruitment and onboarding.Transparency between publishing, studio leadership, development teams, and players.Too many tools!

Download the free guide here

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