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Yu Suzuki’s Air Twister Launches on Consoles & PC Today!

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press] Berlin, Germany – November 10, 2023 – Today is the day ININ and YSNET are taking you on a ride! Air Twister, the latest rail shooter adventure by the celebrated Japanese game designer legend Yu Suzuki, is now available on PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC (Steam)! Experience it digitally on all platforms for $24.99 or physically on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch for $29.99 on Amazon. Go and venture forth as Princess Arch on 12 beautifully crafted stages in a majestic world!

Excited? Take a look at the Air Twister Launch Trailer!

Legendary Creator

Air Twister is not just any ordinary game. It's a mind-bending journey through the obscure and fascinating sci-fi worlds created by Yu Suzuki, the creator of the cult classic Shenmue series, Out Run, Space Harrier, Virtua Fighter, and many more classics. With some memorable and unique gameplay moments that you won't find anywhere else, Air Twister takes you on a wild adventure. You’ll find yourself fighting massive glowing space squids from the back of an armored flying fish while rocking out to a pulsating rock solo. It's a game that defies explanation and has to be experienced to be believed – an embodiment of Suzuki's crazy imagination brought to life.

About the Game

Air Twister is an easy-to-learn, pick-up-and-play rail shooter similar to Yu Suzuki’s groundbreaking gem Space Harrier! With the role of Princess Arch, you will embark on a mission to protect your homeland, AIR, from the imminent invasion by Vanguard. The game offers many different creatively designed enemies and challenging bosses. But worry not, you'll have your winged mounts and homing missiles equipped to fight against them.

With every run, you'll unlock power-ups, special weapons and equipment to master. Challenge yourself with game modes like Turbo-mode or Boss Rush. Last but certainly not least, Air Twister boasts a captivating rock-opera soundtrack composed by the renowned Dutch artist, Valensia. Explore the beautifully crafted worlds and immerse yourself in this action-packed game.

Game Features:

12 artfully crafted stages with countless upgrades and unique gear to unlock after every run.

Over 20 Vanguard creatures and 10 unique bosses to challenge your skills and simple controls for a fun and easy play experience.

An epic soundtrack by Valensia, a music composer known for over three decades for keeping the musical rock and opera heritage of Queen's greatest hits alive.

High replayability by unlocking new gear, weapons, and Challenge Games in the Adventure Map.


For more information, please contact [email protected]

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About ININ

ININ, a subsidiary of United Games Entertainment GmbH, is a rising publishing label of high-quality retro, arcade, and indie games. With a passion for feel-good games, ININ brings classic titles back to life and creates future gaming gems. Known for titles like "Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World," "Cotton Reboot," and "CrossCode," ININ is the Western publishing partner for iconic TAITO series such as "Bubble Bobble" and the legendary “Space Invaders.” In collaboration with partner label Strictly Limited Games, ININ offers limited and collector’s editions to die-hard gamers. As ININ continues to impact the gaming world, stay tuned for frequent announcements of new (or old but returning) games. Visit www.iningames.com for more information.

About YSNET Games

YS NET Inc. is an independent development studio founded by innovative game creator Yu Suzuki in 2008 after his career at SEGA. In 2015, Ys Net announced the Shenmue III project on Kickstarter, which led to two Guinness World Records, including the fastest $1 million pledged for a crowdfunded game. Shenmue III was released in 2019 for fans all over the world.

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