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Wantless: Solace at World’s End Launches in Steam Early Access on Nove

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press] PARIS Oct. 19, 2023 – Twin Sails Interactive and Drop Rate Studio announced today that psychological turn-based tactical RPG, Wantless: Solace at World’s End, launches intoSteam Early Accesson November 8. This news was revealed in an all-new gameplay trailer showcasing the games tactical combat and tormented minds you’ll enter.

Trailer: YouTube

Wantless is a fast-paced tactical RPG that mixes extensive skill-crafting and challenging turn-based combat. Donning the coat of Eiris, you will face horrors made manifest and walk the fine line of morality in a dying world. Warp inside your patients' tormented minds to deal with their woes while trying to preserve their memories, or suffer the consequences.

Each action undertaken by Eiris will empower every enemy in the room. The more the player acts, the more resources each opponent will have. Mindfully use the environment to your advantage to even the odds within each transposition. From carefully placed explosives to pools of noxious poison, there is no ignoring the terrain in this merciless tactical combat.

To prevail, Eiris will have access to a deep skill-forging system, allowing you to modify each skills’ effect, form, range, and more. Specializing in close-combat combos, raining death from afar, or manipulating the battlefield, forge your own playstyle and improve it after each run. Each transposition you venture into comes with its own randomly generated objectives, biome and rewards – be prepared to lose, gear up for victory and keep your own fear in check!

Twin Sails Interactive and Drop Rate Studio chose to launch the game in early access, allowing us to fine-tune and improve the game based on players’ feedback. Our team is aware that this is just the beginning of a journey, hand in hand with the Wantless community, and not the final product. New content (bosses, enemies, biomes, patients, etc.) and gameplay mechanics (skills, events, progression systems) will be added regularly throughout early access. Updates will include content based on the community’s feedback and we'll solve bugs as soon as they are discovered to ensure the best experience at launch. The full release will include a complete storyline with additional unique patients, content and features yet to be announced.

For the latest updates on Wantless: Solace at World’s End, wishlist and follow the game on Steam, Twitter, and Discord. For everything else from Twin Sails Interactive, visit the company’s official website, and follow along on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

About Twin Sails Interactive

Twin Sails Interactive is an international video game publisher, part of the Asmodee Group, an Embracer company since March 2022. Based in Paris, our team of passionate professionals partners with developers to help drive their titles to success. Originally known as a specialist of digital board-game adaptations under the name Asmodee Digital, Twin Sails expands Asmodee’s reach into original, creative titles aimed at a wide audience on PC and consoles. Following the release of the acclaimed Gloomhaven adaptation and Ember Knights' full launch crowning its well-received early access period, Twin Sails is publishing indie gems Survival: Fountain of Youth, Wantless, Innchanted, News Tower, Amberial Dreams and Bloomtown, with more yet to be announced. To learn more:

About Drop Rate Studio

Drop Rate Studio is a French indie game development studio founded by two former industry producers. Our goal is to create unique worlds where players are free to build their characters however they like, and where these creations are put to the test against unforgiving challenges. We want to create games that reward you for spending time with them.

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