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Ultimate lifestyle simulation game Life Makeover is coming to PC for f

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press] New York City, New York, October 18th, 2023 – Archosaur Games, the renowned game developer behind Dragon Raja, is elated to unveil that its popular lifestyle sim Life Makeover is making its grand entrance onto the PC platform, landing on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Windows with its own client on November 15th, where it will be completely free to play!Already popular on mobile platforms, Life Makeover is a free to play social simulation RPG, featuring deep character customization, outfit creation, and house design with an intriguing mystery story! Take your journey to the next level of lifestyle transformation with a dazzling graphics upgrade, lifelike weather systems, and a host of new features. Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate Life Makeover experience!This PC version of Life Makeover is set to take your lifestyle sim to a whole new level of immersion with its improved graphics, higher resolution, optimized controls with a new UI for PC, and several new functions to boost your creativity! Keep reading to learn more!Create an AvatarYou can create your own avatar with full customization across every facial detail. Define your own beauty with a wide variety of skin tones and body shapes, expressing your personal style in a glamorous world.Build Your Dream HouseDesign your dream house! Create your ideal abode in the style of a luxury penthouse, modern manor, or tranquil farmhouse. Build your personalized layouts from the ground up then furnish and decorate every room to create the house of your dreams!Unlock Thousands of GarmentsCreate your own outfits from a massive variety of clothes. From various exquisite dresses, to the latest fashion items, to one-of-a-kind vintage couture pieces are waiting for you. Capture and enjoy every precious moment in Life Makeover!Design Your Own Apparel!In Life Makeover, not only can you select outfits from your wardrobe, but also fulfill your dream of becoming a fashion designer! Create your own clothing designs from scratch, handling every step from fabric selection to the finished product, including placement, marking, cutting, sewing, and printing.Chill With Your Besties!Experience versatile interactions in Life Makeover's limitless universe. You can meet other players, invite your besties to come over for afternoon tea, or throw parties to enjoy weekend nights with others!HERE’S HOW PC ENHANCEMENTS MAKE LIFE MAKEOVER MORE GLAMOROUS THAN EVERPV: PC vs MobileStunning Graphics UpgradePrepare to be awestruck by the breathtaking visuals of Life Makeover on PC! Comprehensive graphics upgrade enhances every detail of the game, from reflection quality to higher resolutions and smoother frame rates. Your virtual world has never looked so real!PC-Friendly ControlsNavigate the world of Life Makeover with ease using a user-friendly interface designed specifically for PC. Place furniture, adjust orientations, and enjoy shortcuts for quick access. Move around effortlessly and style your virtual life like never before!Weather That Feels RealExperience a new level of immersion with the high-fidelity weather system. Your in-game homes will come to life with seven different weather effects, each complete with matching sounds and interactive elements. Feel the warmth of the sun, dance in the rain, or marvel at a snowy wonderland. It's like having your own meteorological wonderland at your fingertips.Illuminate Your HomeUnleash your creativity with the multi-dynamic point light system. Place and illuminate up to 256 lights in your homes to create dazzling displays of colorful effects. The only limit is your imagination!Capture Moments in High-ResolutionElevate your creativity with the high-resolution photo mode. Customize weather and wind effects to create the perfect scene for your snapshots. Whether you're a budding photographer or simply love to capture memories, this feature will take your creativity to new heights.Cross-ProgressionYour Life Makeover journey knows no boundaries. Seamlessly switch between PC and Mobile (Android and iOS) with the cross-progression feature. Your progress, style, and world move with you.Join the Celebration!Share your experiences, screenshots, and stories with the vibrant Life Makeover community. Show off your creativity and inspire others with your fashion-forward sense!Get Prepared!Ready to begin your Life Makeover journey on PC? Wishlist the game on Steam or Epic Games Store and journey into adventure on November 15, 2023! Your path to a more fulfilling and balanced life starts here!For more information on Life Makeover:Steam: Games Store: website: Archosaur Games:Archosaur Games is a game developer of global recognition that has developed popular, world-renowned games such as Dragon Raja, Noah’s Heart and Life Makeover. Archosaur Games has strong publishing and game development capabilities, and is trusted by hundreds of millions of players around the world.

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