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The Silent Swan is now available!

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press] Madrid November 3th, 2023.We like to make big news. And anything that involves a big game, we think it's big news. The Silent Swan, Praenarisnarrative adventure, in which the scenarios make you feel mystery, legend, and an immersive setting, It is now available on PS5 and Steamdigitally and with a neat physical edition for PS5.. It will be made possible by Selecta Play, which will bring to stores this immense and mysterious open world, urban, full of walkable buildings carved out of a single monolithic block.What does this unique architectural space hold? Especially mystery, legend, an atmospheric narrative, an immersive and evocative setting. And a million possibilities for you. From contemplative strolls among huge sharp pinnacles and tranquil lakes to brain-teasing puzzles and an engaging story.In The Silent Swan you are Mirov Kavrazyma and you must explore, in first person, The Land Beyond The Walls to find your wife, Selene. The only clues she can leave you are some simple paper swans that contain all the secrets of The Fall, which will help you discover why your lineage is mired in misfortune. In this way you will unveil the history of two cities: Urzhum and Sernur; of two conflicts: past and future; and of two people: Selene and yourself.The monumental graphic ambition of The Silent Swan has led its creators to allow you to walk through each and every one of the buildings you will find. Thus, the concept of open world makes real sense. A whole waste of organic architecture, towers, arches, flying buttresses… Where the fog fills every corner and silence is the only companion.A sober and minimalist experience, which invites exploration, the search for clues and to enjoy savoring every detail. A game full of poetry for this routine of ours, sometimes too fast to enjoy it.Featured Content:Traverse breathtaking, desolate scenery:Great cities and structures rise through the mist and tear the skies of landscapes never seen before.An intriguing narrative: Pursue the mysterious paper swans that hold the secrets of the Land Beyond the Walls and the life of our protagonist.Open-world narrative twist: Observe your surroundings and let the setting guide you through a vast, fully traversable terrain, where you'll have letters and narrative threads to track through exploration.Multiple endings: Make the decisions that will determine the conclusion of your story and that of the characters you encounter along the way.Available now on Playstation Store and Steam!About Gammera Nest:Gammera Nest is a video game development and publishing studio, based in Madrid, which has launched successful titles such as Nubla or Nubla 2. In partnership with Sony Interactive Entertaiment España, it has worked in collaboration with cultural entities, such as the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, the Prado Museum or the Telefónica Foundation. He is also in charge of overseeing the educational project PlayStation Talents, from which numerous initiatives created by new talents in video game development emerge.

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