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‘Soulbind: Tales Of The Underworld’ On STEAM™ Challenges You To Explor

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press]

Mersin, Turkey, November 1st 2023: Indie game developer and publisher Rubedo Games is proud to announce the worldwide release of Soulbind: Tales Of The Underworld, an action-packed 2D roguelike platformer now available via Early Access on STEAM™. You play the protagonist hero “Endless”, a mysterious skeleton, and you must embark on a dangerous journey through a dark fantasy world to unravel your destiny or die in the process!Game Trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZAv2-vitLsSoulbind: Tales Of The Underworld features a procedurally generated world where you will explore a variety of locations full of monsters and traps. Part of your objective is to collect body parts of the various monsters, and the rarity system will affect the generation of stats and passive effects. Each collected body part provides new abilities and capabilities, changing battle tactics. You must also explore sinister locations, fight mythical creatures, and uncover the secrets of the Lower World. Unique gameplay, strategic decisions and exciting progression await you on your quest.Soulbind: Tales Of The Underworld offers more than exploration; character development is crucial to your success. It is your skills as a player that matters the most: dashes, double jumps and weapon mastery will help you defeat your opponents. But the enemies will become stronger, so have time to loot the body parts to strengthen your hero. More than 50 different body parts of different rarity and leveling system with mutations will help you strengthen your hero in the right way: grow a “tank”, develop him as a “glass cannon”, focus on melee combat or magic, enhance the effects of passive skills.Soulbind: Tales Of The Underworld is a fun and addictive game: when you die in the game, you lose almost everything you had, but death is not the end of the game; as you progress, you can find Ink Tables at certain locations, and they will allow you to save several body parts for future runs. Choose wisely which body part you want to save for your next run. Talents that make life easier as you play can be purchased for the local currency Shards of souls and these are important as they will remain with you even after death.Soulbind: Tales Of The Underworld is scheduled for a full release in March 2024. The Early Access version now available offers 9 locations to explore, 11 types of enemies to encounter and 3 epic boss battles. The main character offers 21 level ups, 43 mutations, system of talents acquiring (27 talents), 10 active abilities, and more than 100 passive effects. The game currently supports English, Russian, French and German.Soulbind: Tales Of The Underworld is available via STEAM™https://store.steampowered.com/app/2468470/Soulbind_Tales_Of_The_Underworld/Journalists interested in further information or a STEAM™ key for review may contact games marketing specialist Hans Olsen by emailing [email protected] along with their credentials and channel links for verification. Members of the press are encouraged to check out the following Hotlinks for recent news and updates.

Developer Website http://rubedogames.com/Discord https://discord.gg/u6GM5x7B3ETwitter https://twitter.com/SoulbindRubedoYouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/@rubedogamesInstagram https://www.instagram.com/rubedo_games/

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