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Shadows of Duat Out Now on Steam

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press] Seville, Spain –October 16, 2023– Independent development studio Black Jackals has announced that Shadows of Duat, an old-school survival horror set in Egypt is available now on Steam at $12.99 USD

Shadows of Duat is a survival horror game set in Egypt, offering modern gameplay, realistic graphics, and an over-the-shoulder perspective. Players explore a massive Egyptian tomb filled with secrets, puzzles, traps, and eerie enemies, relying on their wits due to limited ammunition.

They can play as one of four main characters, each with unique abilities, and the game draws from Ancient Egypt, with levels inspired by the Book of Gates. The tomb is a dynamic and treacherous place, and players must be vigilant, as the same corridor can lead to different areas with new threats.

Puzzles play a significant role, rewarding observation and ingenuity, but failure can lead to dire consequences. The game encourages exploration, offering numerous secrets and multiple endings based on player decisions, influencing character fates and even humanity's destiny.


An old-school survival horror game in an Egyptian setting.

Blends classic horror essence with modern gameplay.

Realistic graphics and immersive sound.

Offers an over-the-shoulder viewpoint.

Presents a challenging and terrifying experience.

Takes place entirely within a colossal Egyptian tomb.

Encompasses secrets, puzzles, traps, curses, and spooky enemies.

Players embody one of four main characters, each with unique abilities.

Draws inspiration from Ancient Egypt and the Book of Gates.

Emphasizes alertness to sounds, murals, and statues as sources of clues.

Creates a dynamic and tense environment where the tomb is ever-changing.

Incorporates recurring puzzle mechanics that reward observation and ingenuity.

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About Black Jackals

Black Jackals is an indie studio made up of only two people: Ángel Guede and Víctor Guede.

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