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RAIN TACTICS Announced – new cyberpunk roguelike T-RPG about a god who

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October 30, 2023 – Ervya Studios is excited to announce its upcoming title Rain Tactics, coming soon on Steam. Players can now check out its announcement trailer here, and its steam page here.Rain Tactics is a cyberpunk RPG tactics with roguelike elements where you play Winter, an invincible god who desperately wants to die. To fulfill his wish, Winter needs to reach the Gate of Oblivion before it is too late. Alas, the Gate is guarded at the top of the tower-city of Shavanath by minions of the Lady of the Dark. And she is decided to deny Winter’s request. Explore the tower city of Shavanath, lead your avowed into battle and take control over your godly powers to change the course of Fate.Game features:

Turn-based combat inspired by classic SRPG systems where every attack can be fatal to your avowedMulti-class job system where every character can adopt a different class depending on the mission aheadRogue-like run generation that makes every ascension of the city of Shavanath uniqueDeep lore and characters backstories which are unraveled with every runUnique fighting system where you may choose between unleashing Winter's godly powers and suffer the consequences, or risk your avowed life into battle

Press Contact:Lotfi YellesEmail: info [at] ervyastudios [.] comTwitter: @ervyastudiosWebsite: www.ervyastudios.comAbout Ervya StudiosErvya Studios is an independent video game development studio based in Brussels, Belgium. Founded by Lotfi Yelles, we are passionate about video games as a medium for players to learn and grow as a person while having fun. We strive to make deep, story rich, turn-based games.

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