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Alice's Dream-Merge Island: The Happy Circus with "Magic Power" Comes!

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"The Happy Circus finally comes!" Ally exclaimed as she heard cheers and laughter echoing from the distance. "I've heard about it before. People say each of their performances is amazing." White Rabbit seems unsurprised, but Mad Hatter still looked forward to that. He got some circus tickets, which have been sold out for ages."We better get going. I don't want to miss the opening act!" Mad Hatter urged.They had to admit that the circus was eye-grabbing, especially the card trick, which confused Ally and her friends and made them dizzy.But the next show seemed more incredible as a giant pigeon suddenly flew from a hat. "So could I! " Mad Hatter unconvincedly pulled out a popcorn bucket from behind, "See, I can do some magic too!"– Download:– Facebook: Contact: [email protected]

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