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Quest 3 update for Genotype is live

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press]

The VR FPS adventure Genotype received its first update on Monday. Along with updating the visual presentation of the game in the Quest 3 goggles, Bolverk Games introduces a set of new features and bug fixes.Built and optimized rather splendidly for Quest 2, this patch taps into the potential of Quest 3, with even more Quest 3-related patches underway.Genotype launched on the Meta Quest store on October 12 and sports an impressive 4,8 user review rating.The patch consist of (Quest 2, 3, Pro):– Input settings: For example, customize which joysticks control movement and rotation– Difficulty settings: Four difficulty settings that are changeable at any time during a playthrough– Game balancing: For example, more loot is now scattered around the facility– Environment improvements- Bug fixes

Two additional patches are already in the works.

The Quest 3 visual update includes:– Volumetric lights- Improved lighting effects- More impactful colors- 4k lightmaps

The atmosphere just went from 10 to 11, with more updates for Quest 3 already planned.

See you at the South Pole, Explorers! đŸ§đŸŒšïž


Genotype is an adventure FPS and is now updated to Quest 3

—————————————-Bolverk Games is an award-winning Danish indie studio focused on VR games and software. We were among the first to realize how VR gaming could be more than a novelty, and we are still at the forefront of a growing market, always exploring VR’s potential.www.playgenotype.comGenotype press[email protected]

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