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[Warsaw, 25th of October, 2023] – Brace yourselves, Dudes, for the madness is about to spill over onto your PlayStation consoles! HYPERSTRANGE, the uncontrollable force behind the chaos, proudly announces the premiere of POSTAL: Brain Damaged on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms on October 25th at 15:00 CEST.

This isn't your typical, cookie-cutter video game release; it's a wild, controversial, and provocative experience that's not for the faint-hearted. POSTAL: Brain Damaged defies the boundaries of traditional gaming, inviting you to embark on a journey through insanity.


Get Ready to Embrace the Madness:

We're giving you the ride of a lifetime – buckle up and bring a ton of ammo! Experience the most outrageous gaming adventure you've ever encountered. We don't shy away from controversy, and neither should you.

POSTAL: Brain Damaged is a new, action-oriented take on the Running With Scissors’ cult game series with throwback graphics, and fast-paced, modern gameplay. Take a wild roller coaster ride through the twisted wonderland encased in the POSTAL DUDE’S messed-up mind. One of the best boomer shooters out there.

Why POSTAL: Brain Damaged is Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen:

Take on the world and unleash your rebellious spirit.

Get ready to disrupt the status quo, create chaos, and give the middle finger to conventionality.

Embark on a daring adventure that is edgy, controversial, and fearless.

What have changed since the PC premiere:

Over 5200 reviews, and 96% of them are positive. It's officially one of the best worst games ever made. The Dude thrives on being the rebel in the gaming world.

We've launched a Horde Mode without causing a riot. It's a miracle!

Experience urination with rainbows, because why not? Plus, the full POSTAL: Brain Damaged

Soundtrack is available for free – check it out on HYPERSTRANGE Records YT channel.

Steam version of Postal: Brain Damaged has received a mod support via Workshop.

Join the Chaos on PlayStation:

Postal: Brain Damaged is a love-song tribute to the Postal series, possible because of the awesome guys from the Running with Scissors team – you guys are the best, and we appreciate you letting us collaborate and mess things up a bit.

Prepare to unleash your inner rebel and enjoy the Mayhem. Get ready for POSTAL: Brain Damaged on PS4 & PS5 – October 25, 15:00 CEST – for 24,99 USD.

Join us, or miss out on the madness!




For more information, please visit Postal: Brain Damaged on PlayStation Store

About Hyperstrange:Hyperstrange is a games development and publishing studio operating from Warsaw, Poland. Founded on the day of 2015 Solar Eclipse, the team continues to bring Metal, Fantasy, Action and Hyper-strangeness to gamers worldwide. Some Hyperstrange’s works include the Blood West, the upcoming immersive stealth FPS horror set in the wicked Wild West and Post: Brain Damaged, an action-oriented take on Running With Scissors’ cult game series.

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