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Hold onto your portal guns, because Pocket Sized Hands is throwing a P

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE[Dundee, 2023/10/12]Excitement's off the charts as Adult Swim kicks off the return of "Rick and Morty" this Sunday at 11pm ET/PT. But that's not all – our team’s working hard, cooking up mind-blowing features and fresh content for the coming year.Celebrating 3 years of supporting Pocket Mortys, Pocket Sized Hands has been busy behind the scenes, adding over 100 new characters to the game and building in new content for players, such as the ability to find rare and Shiny Mortys in the wild & the belovedly named S#!+ Shop!Pocket Sized Hands have been supporting and developing games for almost 7 years! Highlights include, development support on Oddworld Soulstorm, porting Clive N Wrench from PC to Nintendo Switch as well as working with the iconic Peaky Blinders IP. Pocket Sized Hands continues to grow and to further strengthen their creative talent pool they have announced the opening of several positions within the studio (programming and design).It is an exciting time to be a Pocket Mortys fan. “Rick and Morty” Season 7 is premiering this weekend on Adult Swim, and you can expect to find weekly content drops in Pocket Mortys with each episode release. And that’s not all! Pocket Sized Hands has some features and content for you to get excited about! All of which will be announced in the upcoming year.—-Availability:The new update for Pocket Mortys is now available for download on App Store and Google Play.For more information about Pocket Mortys, please visit Pocket Mortys on social media: Contact:Alan YeatsCo-Founder[email protected]About Pocket Mortys:You’re Rick Sanchez, everyone’s favorite unstable genius. You’re yelling at Morty in your garage when a Mysterious Rick pops out of a portal and ruins your life. He traps you in an unfamiliar dimension where you discover that Morty collecting and fighting is the hottest new trend in the multiverse! Some more stuff happens and long story short the Council of Ricks takes your portal gun. Now you have to defeat Ricks across the multiverse and collect badges to get it back.About Pocket Sized Hands:We are Pocket Sized Hands. Small and mighty, we take projects others don't think are possible and knock them out of the park. We thrive on a challenge while consistently delivering exceptional results. We are made up of passionate, talented and dedicated team members that love making games. We’ve worked with a number of different clients big and small, and have experience across Console, Mobile, and PC.

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