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Experimental murder mystery game “DEAD MEAT” coming to Steam in 2024

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press] Notes to EditorsWatch the trailer forDEAD MEAT hereWishlist on Steam hereScript Compass – winner of Creative StartUp of the Year 2023 – today announced their collaboration with indie games studio Meaning Machine on a new game, DEAD MEAT.Script Compass is London’s leading narrative & screenplay development company and they co-wrote the experimental murder-mystery game where players use their own words to interrogate a suspect. DEAD MEAT will be coming to Steam in 2024 – and is available to wishlist today.It tells the story of Lucia, a robotics engineer who’s just killed her husband… probably. It’s your job to get that all-important confession – using your own words to manipulate, persuade, threaten, or even seduce them into ‘fessing up. But be warned: Lucia's no push over. So you'll have to get creative – employing classic strategies you've seen in the movies, or even inventing entirely new ones.[Please embed this link and the associated thumbnail directly from youtube: ]Watch the DEAD MEAT Announcement TrailerFeatures:Interrogate the murder suspect in your own words!Read the suspect’s mind to find new angles on the case!Employ classic interrogation strategies… or make up your own!See the emotional impact of your words on the suspect!Piece together a macabre story involving hamburgers!“We are really excited to explore the new creative possibilities unlocked for screenwriters and narrative designers by author-led machine learning”, said Script Compass founders Roland Walters and Byron McNally. “As members of the Writers Guild of Great Britain, we’re passionate advocates for ethical AI and of protecting writers. We believe that AI used ethically and responsibly can be a powerful tool to enhance human writers and human creativity. Dead Meat is the beginning of an amazing new period of artistic experimentation”.“Working with Script Compass has been the perfect demonstration of how writers can collaborate with AI to realise their artistic vision”, said Meaning Machine Game Directors Thomas Keane and Ben Ackland. “For us, the opportunity of AI is for authors to take a more directorial role over their work – writing deep and meaningful characters that can take on a life of their own, but never stray from the human intention that gave birth to them”.DEAD MEAT is the second game in an all-new genre – the “First Person Talker” – and follows the award-winning UNKNOWN NUMBER, which was recently exhibited in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, as well as being the subject of a well-received talk at GDC 2023.Wishlist DEAD MEAT on Steam here.About Script Compass:Script Compass is a multi-award-winning screenplay development company working internationally across all creative industries to bring compelling stories to life on the big screen. We use our decades of development experience to ensure projects move forward rapidly and achieve their full potential, delivering outstanding cinematic experiences.Follow Script Compass on X and Instagram.About Meaning Machine:Meaning Machine is an experimental game studio pushing the boundaries of what’s possible through generative AI. Beyond developing their own games, they’re working on “Game Conscious”™ technology which has the potential to revolutionise how NPCs talk and behave – as well as supercharging accessibility for blind and visually impaired players. Meaning Machine are supported by NVIDIA, Creative UK, University of Bristol, UK Games Fund, & Digital Catapult.Follow Meaning Machine on X, Instagram, and TikTok.

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