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Enter The Anime Fighting Arena of Death or Glory, Early Access Availab

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Hong Kong – 19 October. Death or Glory, a card game that harnesses Anime power and pulls mechanics from fighting games, including move timing and the counter system to deliver a devastating knockout package is available now in Steam Early Access. Watch the launch trailer below.

Death or Glory offers a unique turn-based system, where almost every attack can be reacted to, whether dodged or blocked. Each card uses a speed system, much like the frames of a fighting game, so a heavy attack will still hit over a small block. Managing your resources, including stamina, champion power, and cards in hand, is vital in dominating the arena.

Choose a fighter, venture through the fantasy realms, and build the perfect deck in the roguelike adventure mode, which plays like a traditional roguelike deckbuilder (Slay the Spire, Wildfrost). With multiple maps on offer, all of which evolve and change as you defeat new challengers.

The champions of Death or Glory make up five different classes, all with a unique play style and resource system, no mana. Piloting a mech requires managing the system's temperature to play devastating combos. Fighting as a feral werewolf means harnessing rage to slash away at your opponent's health.

You can also face off against other champions and climb the ranks of glory in tense dueling battles. These arena battles sit closer to an original CCG style (Hearthstone, Legends of Runetera). Regardless of what mode players choose to champion, the experience will consistently be earned and unlock content for both PvE and PvP.

Death or Glory is available now via Steam Early Access as a free-to-play title. In-game purchases are available to unlock additional champions and different cosmetics. All game modes are and will always remain free to play.

About Distilled Gaming Company

Our world moves at an ever faster pace these days. There is not enough time to study, to work, to eat, to sleep or even to play. Distilled Gaming wants to focus on where the fun is. Anything that is not fun, we discard. Anything that is, we double it, triple it and then let a player experience it in the shortest amount of time. We hope to put a smile on every face.

Everyone in Distilled Gaming are passionate gamers. We know very well what is enjoyable and what frustrates us. Death or Glory is our first game and we are perfecting it through endless iterations. We believe in our concept and hope to support this game in the years to come.

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