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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press] Checkpoint, London — November 1, 2023 | After a study showed 90% of students enjoy learning with gaming at its core, Checkpoint brought their latest lesson to life in Essex. That lesson? Conservation with Planet Zoo.

Having officially partnered with Frontier and Planet Zoo, Checkpoint used the game as the basis for a lesson in conservation. Chiefly to talk about the conservation of bees, bats and beavers.

The lesson was a huge hit, with teachers and students alike eagerly enjoying the fusion of learning and video games. Using Planet Zoo at its core, the lesson helped children to identify different species of animals and learn what they needed to survive and thrive.

“The moment you talk to children about video games you’re giving them the agency for open discussion,” said Checkpoint’s founder and editor-in-chief Tamer Asfahaniv “From the moment we asked them whether they play video games?’ Everybody had something to say.” This included one child who excitedly shouted, “Me! I always play video games.”

“It’s about them focusing that,” adds Tamer, “and making sure what they learn from video games can be applied to wider learning.”

Bridie Wilkins, a Year 4 teacher from Alderton Junior School, believes that using video games as a way to engage with children has really helped them to get involved with the lesson. She said, “They seemed really excited about the prospect of Planet Zoo. A lot of them really like VR and we could work on that.”

After using Checkpoint’s lesson, Miss Wilkins added, “I think they’re using conservation more confidently. I think it [Planet Zoo] will help them, definitely for next term, and they’ll be able to express themselves.”

Ian Redmond, OBE and conservationist (BBC & Discovery Channel), helped to share the lesson with Alderton Junior School and saw just how much the children took from the class.

He said that the children’s knowledge from Planet Zoo was truly visible in the classroom. “It is delightful to see how much kids know and how much they care and that’s what you have to build on. If they don’t care, nothing’s going to happen.”

Checkpoint will be continuing to make lesson plans inspired by video games for young children completely for free on their website,here.

If you would be interested in hearing more about Checkpoint’s mission or speaking to Mr Redmond or a member of staff from Alderton Junior School involved with the lesson, please contact:[email protected]

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