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Community-Driven Ships Set Sail in Victory at Sea Atlantic: RMS Queen

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEEvil Twin ArtworksRelease Date: 6th November 2023Swindon, UK – At Evil Twin Artworks, we take pride in our strong connection with the Victory at Sea Atlantic community. Our players' passion and insight have been instrumental in shaping our games, and we're delighted to unveil an exciting development that's a testament to this collaboration.Player requested ShipsEvil Twin Artworks put out a call for ship suggestions for Victory At Sea Atlantic and James Carroll CEO of Evil Twin Artworks had this to say about the overwhelming response, “Our dedicated community of Admirals has long been a source of inspiration, sharing their deep appreciation for naval history. In response to their suggestions and in appreciation of their invaluable contributions, we are proud to introduce two iconic ships to Victory at Sea Atlantic: the RMS Queen Elizabeth and the RMS Queen Mary. These suggestions were very exciting, being converted troop ships it also gave us an opportunity to develop the troop ship mechanic.”A Nautical Icon: RMS Queen ElizabethDuring World War II, the RMS Queen Elizabeth underwent a remarkable transformation. Renowned for her opulence as an ocean liner, she was repurposed as a troopship, making numerous transatlantic crossings. Her size, speed, and protective features made her a vital asset in the war effort, carrying thousands of soldiers to their destinations.RMS Queen Mary: The Grey GhostAnother maritime marvel, the RMS Queen Mary, earned the nickname "Grey Ghost" due to her impressive speed and evasive maneuvers. She, too, was converted into a troopship, known for transporting troops, dignitaries, and even prisoners of war. Her agility and strategic importance earned her a place of distinction during the conflict.Our Dedication to Community Collaboration“This exciting addition to Victory at Sea Atlantic is just the start, more ships are inbound through Early Access and remember we are listening to the community,” Said James Carroll, “Your knowledge and passion have been instrumental in shaping the Victory at Sea series, creating an authentic and immersive experience. We're grateful for your continued support and will remain dedicated to enhancing your gaming experience. As we continue to chart the waters of Victory at Sea Atlantic, we thank you for your invaluable contributions. The dedication of our community is what makes this game truly special.”Connect with Evil Twin:Steam Community Page https://steamcommunity.com/app/1674830Discord Page https://discord.gg/F7brTrqB9JAdd Victory At Sea Atlantic to your Wishlist now!Press Contact:James Carroll[email protected]About Evil Twin Artworks:Evil Twin Artworks is a Swindon-based game development studio known for creating original, multi-platform games. Their portfolio includes titles such as River Cottage Get Foraging for Channel 4 and the award-winning PC strategy game, Victory At Sea.Victory at Sea © 2023 Mongoose Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. Reproduction of this work by any means without the written permission of Mongoose Publishing Ltd is expressly forbidden. All significant characters, names, places, items, art, and text herein are copyrighted by Mongoose Publishing Ltd.

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