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Colony Sim Ascent of Ashes Early Access Release Delayed to Q1 2024

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[Boston, MA USA / November, 1 2023] – Developer Vivid Storm Interactive and Publisher Camlann Games have delayed the Early Access release of colony sim Ascent of Ashes to Q1 2024. The game, which was originally planned to launch into Early Access on November 15, is nearing completion, but the developers need more time to address player-feedback.

While we understand a delay is disappointing, we feel that our priority right now is to work on the reports and suggestions brought up by the community,” says Max Hermann, Lead Developer and Owner of Vivid Storm Interactive. “We have taken your input to heart, and will be using it to build a stronger foundation for Ascent of Ashes.

In addition to addressing the community’s feedback, Vivid Storm Interactive is also in the process of migrating Ascent of Ashes to a new game engine.

We’ve had challenges with Unity that will take some time as we port over to a new system,” Hermann says. “We originally planned on porting Ascent of Ashes to the Godot engine after the Early Access release, but following community feedback, we realized we should rather make the transition sooner. This will give us time to work on fixing features, as we focus on polishing the core gameplay is a priority for us.”

After the polish and stability fixes, we are committed to releasing a steady stream of content updates as outlined in our roadmap to 1.0. With the help of your feedback, we understand that there are several key features that players have requested, such as a more in-depth tutorial and UI text scaling, that will be implemented as well,” Hermann says.

Ascent of Ashes is set to release into Early Access on PC in Q1 2024. Players can wishlist the game right now on Steam and join the official Discord to chat with other players in the community.

The Developers and Publisher are currently available for interviews.

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About Vivid Storm Interactive

Vivid Storm Interactive is a small indie development team from just north of Munich, Germany. Max, Ricky, and Petter all met in 2019, during a conversation about colony sim games and how various aspects of them could be done better. Although Ascent of Ashes is the team’s first commercial game together, the studio can already count on a loyal community of fans anxiously awaiting the release.

The team at Vivid Storm Interactive are seasoned modders, known among the RimWorld community as the original creators of the heralded Combat Extended mod – a system that completely overhauls combat, adds new firing & melee mechanics, adds an inventory system and significantly rebalances the vanilla RimWorld health system. What started as a hobby project ultimately, Combat Extended peaked at half a million subscribers, with actual military veterans noting its depth and realism. It is perennially one of the top rated mods according to general consensus within the modder & player community.

About Camlann Games

Camlann Games is a newly formed video game publisher from Boston, US with a focus on meaningful, fun and highly replayable games. With industry veterans at its core, Camlann Games intends to back passionate developers, vibrant worlds and the most unforgettable stories ever told in indie PC games.

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