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Big Fat Battle: New Energetic Knockout Arena Shooter – Early Access Re

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London, United Kingdom, November 8th, 2023Robot Squid will launch their eagerly awaited PvP Team Arena Shooter ‘Big Fat Battle' into early access on Steam on the 8th November.

The game merges roguelite loadout mechanics with a knockout arena shooter setup and ever changing round mode objectives. Teams start at 16 vs 16 and are whittled down over 5 rounds, culminating in a 3v3 final. The striking art style and intense gameplay make for a high paced yet absurd thrill ride, pitting a wide range of crazy characters against each other including giant babies, viking warriors and garden gnomes. Big Fat Battle drips with parody, and the more astute among you may identify characters and locations that you recognise, such as Supreme Leader Jim, a plump, fictional dictator.

Available now to play on Steam, Big Fat Battle’s early access provides 3 distinct maps, deep character and item progression and of course, the ability to team up with your friends. Dont let the ridiculousness fool you however, as Big Fat Battle is built on a solid shooter engine with 60 tick rate servers (the CTO had previously worked with Call of Duty) and will appeal to both casual and competitive players alike.Players battle across 5 rounds, and must attempt to avoid elimination each time as the worst performing players suffer the chop. They traverse varied environments collecting coins to expand and upgrade their loadout and buff their character with powerful skills. The levels also feature Mario-Kart style powerups that provide short term boosts such as unlimited ammo, mutant powers and even scaling the enemy heads in size to create a sniper’s dream!

Players can party at a neon-zombie music festival like no other, venture across a mysterious island where dinosaurs roam free, and fight to survive through the bright decks of a space station. Each map encourages a different playstyle, with varying degrees of narrow approaches, open sections and verticality.With intense fights and an art style that keeps it all fun, Big Fat Battle appeals to gamers of all ages in varied battles that can keep players entertained for hours.

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