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Barbaria launches on PlayStation VR2

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10 NOVEMBER, 2023 – Barbaria, the visceral first-person VR combat game with base building and raids, has launched on PlayStation®VR2 for $19.99.

PlayStation Store:

Official Launch Trailer:

Developed by Stalwart Games, Barbaria challenges players to explore the depths of their power in VR both as a Barbarian warrior in hand-to-hand combat and as an immortal semigod creating worlds and dropping spells. Barbaria combines first person combat with base building and multiplayer raid mechanics for a unique, competitive VR experience.

Players build their realm by snapping together fragments and strategically placing minions and structures. But there’s more than one semigod in Barbaria! Through a competitive online raid system, players attack other player-created realms to increase their Mightiness, and receive rewards when their team successfully repels others.

Barbaria launched for Quest and Steam in February 2023, and since then the team has been delivering regular content updates and fixes for those platforms. The “Ages” system delivered over the summer brings soft leaderboard resets and new goals with various reward tiers for players to work towards before the next age arrives. PlayStation®VR2 players will benefit from all these game play additions, while also enjoying the performance improvements that come from utilizing the power of the PlayStation console. Barbaria was built from the beginning with console quality assets and has been optimized to run at a native 90hz on PlayStation®VR2, making the new release the best way to experience the world of Barbaria.

Gameplay Highlights

First person VR combat with a variety of weapons and minions who can serve as both allies and enemies.

Tabletop replays of the attacks on your realm by other players.

Asynchronous multiplayer means players’ realms are always available online for others to raid. Attack notifications are delivered each time a player launches the game.

Cross-play: Players playing on Playstation®VR2, Quest 2, Quest 3 and Steam are playing in the same pool and can all attack each other’s Realm.

Collect champions, minions, structures, weapons, realm fragments, decorations and more as rewards for successful raids of other players' realms.

Build and customize your realm by snapping together realm Fragments and deploying items to strategically set up your defenses.

Training & challenge levels prepare players to raid rival realms and grant new items and abilities so they can better defeat their rivals.

Ancient Powers available during combat to enter the battle from God mode.

Leaderboards show your score and rank relative to those around you as you compete to be the Mightiest in Barbaria.

Ages: A new Age dawns in Barbaria approximately every 2 months. Akin to seasons, ages bring content updates, rewards and soft leaderboard resets for high ranked players.

Barbaria Reception

Barbaria has received strong praise from players since its initial launch, receiving a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on the Meta Quest store and a 94% Very Positive rating on Steam. Barbaria is currently a Finalist for VR Game of the Year at the 7th International VR Awards:

Press can contact [email protected] to request review codes and guide, and developer interview requests.

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About Stalwart Games

Stalwart Games was founded in 2017 by Andrew Jepsen, a game industry veteran with a long pre-VR history working on motion control games for Playstation Move (Sports Champions, Medieval Moves, Sports Champions 2). After the conclusion of a few years of contracted VR R&D work with a small and talented team, Andrew and first employee David Logan set out to build Barbaria. Within two years they delivered the first Early Access build of Barbaria to the public, and Barbaria launched on Quest and PCVR in February 2023.

Now they are looking forward to launching Barbaria on PlayStation®VR2 and continuing to expand the game through content updates on all platforms.

Contact: [email protected]

Official Website:





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