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Seoul, South Korea – Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2023 – Renowned action game developer and publisher Action Square presents Action Square Steam Fest, its unique take on Valve’s semi-annual demo event. Action Square Steam Fest will deliver PC gamers consecutive week-long hands-on playtests of three explosive games across a variety of genres: PVEVP dungeon crawler Dungeon Stalkers, soulslike RPG Kingdom: The Blood and sci-fi top-down shooter Project GGG. An all-new trailer introducing each game is available here: will separately go live on Steam, starting Tuesday, Nov. 28. A new free demo will be introduced each week:

Nov. 28 – Dec. 4: Dungeon Stalkers. In Dungeon Stalkers, players will experience a blend of traditional dungeon RPG mixed with the thrill of the extraction/survival genre. In the dungeon, players who make the most of their environment by cutting out light sources and hiding in dark corners gain an advantage.Dec. 5 – 11: Kingdom: The Blood. Kingdom: The Blood is a zombie action RPG based on the renowned and critically acclaimed Netflix Korean show “Kingdom.” Wielding traditional Korean weaponry, players will slice through several blood-soaked environments in the Joseon Dynasty, master the rhythms of combat, and defeat overwhelming bosses with diverse attack patterns.Dec. 12 – 18: Project GGG The newly revealed Project GGG (Gun, Gang, Gold) is a top-down extraction shooter set in an untamed sci-fi landscape. The upcoming free-to-play PVPVE battle of endurance blends the high stakes of multiplayer survival games blended with powerful and personalized progression systems. Those who return safely secure valuable rewards that strengthen adventurers, but dying even once resets progress and takes spacefarers back to their home planet.

For notifications on when each demo begins, players can wishlist each game on Steam.# # #Limited preview access is available to qualified media and influencers before each game’s demo goes live on Steam. Requests can be sent to [email protected]

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