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How To Accelerate Your Mobile Game Growth

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There’s never been a better time to evolve your mobile game monetization strategy. Game developers across the globe are waiting for app stores to allow third-party payments and in-app purchase methods. While the market is preparing for this major shift, game developers can already monetize their games beyond the app stores.

With the right tools, these changes now allow game developers to expand their mobile game business beyond the app stores, improve UA and discoverability, and discover more freedom to deliver unique experiences directly to new and existing players.

If you’re ready to connect more directly with your players, boost your mobile game revenue, and save money on big platform fees, you can start building your own web shop today with Xsolla Web Shop for Mobile Games.

Before you set up shop, be sure to download this free ebook. With it, you’ll be able to:

Read up-to-date insight from companies like NetEase and Wild Life about how Xsolla Web Shop boosted engagement and revenue

Keep up with vital data and trends surrounding the rapidly changing mobile game industry

Study proven best practices for connecting with your players

Learn how to quickly set up your online web store in nine easy steps

The world of in-game spending is always evolving at a nonstop pace. Get ahead of the curve with Xsolla Web Shop.

Download the free ebook here!

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