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How Game Companies Can Go Beyond Basic Analytics

Presented by ZuarHarnessing player analytics is becoming more and more crucial for companies to gain a competitive advantage in the crowded gaming market. But this can be a daunting task that requires more time and budget than most companies anticipate.

For Red Hook Studios, this originally meant the ongoing, manual export of PlayFab data to spreadsheets. Sorting through this messy, disorganized data was time-consuming, labor-intensive, and often resulted in analytics that were unreliable. This is why Red Hook partnered with Zuar. Prior to adopting Zuar’s automated data pipeline solution, Mitto, they were unable to understand trends at the macro level.

Read this case study to discover how you can:

Normalize and model telemetry (event) data on an automated schedule. Better understand how certain events affect others during gameplay. Gain the insights needed to continuously improve your game.

See how Zuar can enable you to drastically increase user adoption and other key metrics by automating, modeling, and visualizing PlayFab data. Make decisions based on trusted analytics by eliminating the complexity of messy, disorganized data.

Download the free case study here!


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