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Epic launches First Run initiative, debuts Now On Epic program

Epic Games has launched Epic First Run, an opt-in exclusive program that allows third-party developers and publishers to capture 100 percent of revenue generated during their first six months on the Epic Games Store.

The initiative was announced back in August but is now open for business. An FAQ on the Epic website explains that First Run “offers third-party developers 100 percent net revenue of user spending on eligible products in their first six months of exclusivity on the Epic Games Store. When the exclusivity period ends, the revenue share captured from user spending will revert to 88%/12%.”

Those looking to participate must have an eligible product, which means a game or app that hasn’t already debutedor been bundled into a subscription service on another third-party PC store.Games or apps with a pre-existing exclusivity deal with the Epic Games Store will also be ineligible.

The First Run program is only open to developers and publishers with registered Epic Games developer accounts. It’s possible to create an Epic Developer account via the Epic Developer Portal. Alternatively, those who’re already eligible can register for First Run through Epic’s self-publishing tools flow in Dev Portal.

Epic pulls back the curtain on ‘Now On Epic’incentive program

In addition to launching First Run, Epic has announced what it describes as a “new back catalog incentive program” called ‘Now on Epic.’

The company–which recently updatedUnreal Engine pricing for devs outside the game industry after running into “financial problems”–said the program encourages developers and publishers to bring older titles to its marketplace by giving participants the chance to boost their net revenue from user spending from 88 percent to 100 percent during their first six months on the platform.

After that initial six-month run, participating titles will be offered the standard Epic Games Store revenue split.

“The Epic Games Store is home to a global audience with over 230 million players and 68 million monthly active users. Releasing back-catalog content on the Epic Games Store helps reach new, incremental audiences and ensures that the content that our players are looking for can be consistently discovered,” reads a press release.

“Participants can leverage publisher and franchise sale opportunities to maximize this unique opportunity during their participating titles’ first six months on the Epic Games Store.”

Notably, participating in the Now on Epic program requires a commitment to release a minimum of three back catalog titles–which Epic defines as product that released prior to October 31, 2023, and are currently live on another third-party PC marketplace.

“Participants that do not have three products currently live that meet the above criteria must bring over all products that are live. All participating products must launch by June 30, 2025, though they do not need to launch on the Epic Games Store at the same time,” added Epic.

You can find out more about the Now on Epic program on this information page.


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