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Waifu RPG Reverse: 1999 To Launch Version 1.1 On Nov 9

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Hong Kong, November 3, 2023– Shortly following an enormously successful worldwide launch, Bluepoch Games has announced that 20th century time-travel strategic RPG Reverse: 1999 will release its free Version 1.1 update titled “The Theft of the Rimet Cup'' on November 9 across the App Store, Google Play, and PC. The global phenomenon’s first update will introduce three new characters – the Great Thief Melania, the degenerate hippy Diggers, and the adorable yet surprisingly philosophical Border Collie Pickles – to the game, alongside new events, garments, a limited-time seasonal challenge, and much more. The update announcement trailer showcases how every good heist begins with a good plan.Reverse: 1999 has already topped charts in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Korea and more than 160 countries and regions only days after its global launch. Don’t let time pass by – download the game today for a chance to receive up to 73 summons.In today’s new trailer, players meet the Great Thief Melania after she successfully plans, announces, and completes her heist of a renowned museum collection. Her next target? The Rimet Cup. Meanwhile, a man appearing to be a passionate football fan decides to take his puppies to pay the Cup a casual visit. Coincidentally, another man dressed in hippie attire argues with the head of a security company that uses robots to guard world famous prizes, just like the Rimet Cup…Keep your eyes on the prize with Reverse: 1999’s new trailer for its Version 1.1 update, “The Theft of the Rimet Cup'': new characters, Melania, Pickles and Diggers, will be introduced in “The Theft of the Rimet Cup.” Melania is a Great Thief with a talking handbag. According to the trailer, her next target is the Rimet Cup. Pickles is a Border Collie that lives with his human and doggie friends, and Diggers is a hippy artist.

Version 1.1 will also introduce the “Carnival On The Pitch” garment series, which comprises new garments for Regulus, APPLe and Centurion.“Carnival On The Pitch” garment seriesIn addition to the new event story introduced by “The Theft of the Rimet Cup,” Version 1.1 will debut its Time-Limited Seasonal Challenge “UTTU Flash Gathering: Trophy of the Past Glory,” a new gameplay mode that allows players to collect FAME Cards and apply them strategically to clear reading challenges.Time-Limited Seasonal Challenge “UTTU Flash Gathering”Apart from the new gameplay introduced via the “UTTU Flash Gathering”, new events, such as the character derivative events of Melania and Pickles, will also be available, enabling players to explore more stories starring the new characters and unlock abundant rewards for their efforts.

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