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Ultimate VR drumming game ‘Paradiddle’ gets Quest release date! 30 son

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Developer Emre Tanirgan has announced a Meta Quest release date for his game Paradiddle, the ultimate VR drum kit! Paradiddle will arrive on Meta Quest on November 16th alongside a host of cool new features (full list below).Links:

*New* Release date TrailerAppLab store pageSteam store pagePresskitReview codes: [email protected]About the GameExplore and expand your percussion skills with the power of virtual reality! Paradiddle is a realistic, responsive drum kit built for VR and MR that lets you hone your drumming skills without driving the neighbours crazy. Learn the basics with step-by-step lessons, hone your skills with the rhythm game mode, and share your creations with the wider community, all without money or physical space limitations.Drag and drop drums from your palette and create a custom setup that works for you. Save custom sets and load up your favourites whenever you want, choosing from a library of 60+ percussion instruments. The instruments let out realistic sounds depending on where and how hard you hit them, making this a perfect intuitive tool for newcomers and pros alike.Additionally, MIDI devices (such as electronic drum pedals and electric drum kits) can be integrated into Paradiddle to trigger any drums within the environment. Likewise, Paradiddle can also send MIDI output, which means you can use the app to trigger your samples in your favourite digital audio workstation (DAW), such as Ableton. This transforms Paradiddle into an extremely powerful audio creation tool!Feature List:Learn to drum in the comfort of your own home without worrying about money, space, or making a racket!Create a custom setup using 60+ percussion instruments – from the glockenspiel to the timpani and beyond!Flex your skills in the built-in rhythm game mode: adjustable difficulty for 30 different songs, plus custom song support and cross-platform leaderboards!AR passthrough support empowers you to play virtual drums in the real world! You can even connect and augment their physical kits with the rhythm game mode and lessons.Pick up the basics with 10 beginner-friendly lessons, perfect for drumming newcomers!Use the new multiplayer mode to perform for your friends in free play, or compete to get the high score playing the built-in songs!MIDI input/output support provides a powerful tool for composers and also lets you augment your own electronic drum kit.Load your own songs, audio files, and sheet music. You can even record and share your songs with the Paradiddle community!Adjust the speed and play along with a friend’s recording – or just sit back and watch the show.New features for the Meta Quest versionThe upcoming Meta Quest store release later in the year will bring a slew of new features, including:13 new instruments, including steel drums and hand pan drums, increased the total to 67.14 new songs, raising the total number of songs to 30.Multiplayer support (max 4 people) for two modes: Freeplay and CompetitiveFreeplay: Players can hear each others' instruments and play freely. Perfect for teachers & students or remote drumming performances!Competitive: Players can play any built-in songs simultaneously to compete to get the highest score in the group.AR passthrough support: Play in the real world with other musicians or just on your own while looking at your real surroundings.MIDI support: Players can now connect their MIDI devices (such as electronic drum kits) to Paradiddle running on standalone Quest. This is supported over USB or Bluetooth.Enhanced MR and augmented drum kit support: After a brief calibration step, players will be able to use their electronic drum kit in Paradiddle, allowing them to use their physical kit to play along to the rhythm game mode or play through lessons.Various bug fixes, UX tuning, and performance improvements.

About Emre TanirganInitially from Turkey, Emre is based in the USA and has worked in VR and AR for over ten years. After working on VR technology for Disney’s Theme Parks and a stop at Magic Leap, Emre started working on his VR drumming game Paradiddle in 2016. The game launched on Steam and Meta’s App Lab and is regularly expanded with the help and feedback of a loyal drumming-enthusiastic community. Later this year, the game will land on Meta Quest and get one of its most extensive updates yet.

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