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The Electric State   RPG Coming To Kickstarter On December 5

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press] Free League Publishing today revealed that The Electric State Roleplaying Game is coming to Kickstarter December 5 (at 3 pm CET). The pre-launch page is already open for sign-ups, here.The new tabletop RPG is based on the internationally acclaimed narrative art book The Electric State by artist and author Simon Stålenhag, soon to be adapted into a major motion picture by the Russo brothers (Avengers: Endgame), starring Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) and Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy).The Electric State RPG iswritten by Nils Hintze (Tales From the Loop RPG, The Walking Dead Universe RPG) in collaboration with Tomas Härenstam (Blade Runner RPG, Dragonbane, ALIEN RPG), Nils Karlén (Coriolis) and Mattias Johnsson Haake (Symbaroum), with graphic design and layout by Johan Nohr (MÖRK BORG), and published in partnership with Skybound Entertainment.Using Free League’s award-winning Year Zero Engine, the game is abouta group of travelers heading out on a journey through a strange America in an alternate 1997. The ruins of gigantic battle drones litter the countryside, heaped together with the discarded trash of a high tech consumerist society in decline.Backers and retailers alike eager to enlist should visit the Kickstarter pre-launch page tosign up to be notified the moment the campaign goes live. All backers who pledge within the first 24 hours will receive a bonus item soon to be revealed.Details of The Electric State Roleplaying GameKickstarter will be shared via Free League’s social media accounts throughout the weeks leading up to launch. If successfully funded, all backers will get early access to the PDF versionsmonths ahead of the official release. PRESSThe Electric State Roleplaying Game press assets linkIf you are interested in an interview with the design team, please contact Boel at: [email protected] The Electric State Roleplaying Game – Teaser trailer Free League is one of the most funded RPG publishers on Kickstarter, raising over $10M across 33 successful campaigns including Blade Runner RPG, The One Ring RPG, Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying, Forbidden Lands, and Tales from the Loop RPG. About The Electric State art bookIn late 1997, a runaway teenager and her yellow toy robot travel west through a strange USA, where the ruins of gigantic battle drones litter the countryside along with the discarded trash of a high tech consumerist society in decline. As their car nears the edge of the continent, the world outside the window seems to unravel at an ever faster pace, as if somewhere beyond the horizon, the hollow core of civilization has finally caved in.Read more here. About Simon StålenhagSimon Stålenhag (b. 1984) is the internationally acclaimed author and artist behind Tales From the Loop, Things From the Flood, The Electric State and The Labyrinth. His highly imaginative images and stories depicting illusive sci-fi phenomena in mundane, hyper-realistic Scandinavian and American landscapes have made Stålenhag one of the most sought-after visual storytellers in the world.Tales From the Loop was ranked one of the “10 Best Dystopias” by The Guardian, along with such works as Franz Kafka’s The Trial and Andrew Niccol’s Gattaca. In 2019, his book The Electric State was shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clare Award and the Locus Award. The narrative art book was turned into a multiple award-winning tabletop roleplaying game and a boardgame by Free League. The Electric State is now in the making of becoming a film on Netflix directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. His first book, Tales From the Loop, was adapted into a tv show on Amazon Prime in Free League Publishing is a game studio and publisher dedicated to speculative fiction based in Stockholm, Sweden. Voted Fan Favorite Publisher at the ENNIES in 2020, 2021 and 2023, Free League has published a wide range of award-winning tabletop roleplaying games and acclaimed art books set in strange and wondrous worlds.Our upcoming games includeZone Wars – A Mutant: Year Zero WargameandThe Walking Dead Universe RPG.Our current game portfolio includes thefantasy RPGDragonbane, theMÖRK BORGspin-off RPGPIRATE BORG, the officialBlade Runner RPG(winner of two Gold ENNIE Awards 2023),The One Ring™(Gold ENNIE Award winner 2022),Tales From the Loop – The Board Game, the officialALIEN RPG(Gold ENNIE for Best Game 2020), the Gothic horror gameVaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying(winner of three ENNIE Awards 2021), the pitch-black fantasy RPGMÖRK BORG(winner of four ENNIE Awards 2020), the alternate '80sTales From the Loop RPG(winner of five ENNIE Awards 2017, including Best Game), the retro-fantasyForbidden Lands(winner of four ENNIE Awards 2019), the postapocalypticMutant: Year Zero(Silver ENNIE for Best Rules 2015), the science fiction gamesCoriolis – The Third Horizon(Judge's Spotlight Award 2017) andDeath in Space, the dark fantasy gameSymbaroum, the weird-fantasy gameInto the Odd Remastered, the cyberpunkyCY_BORG, and the new edition of the RPG classicTwilight: 2000(Judges Award for Best RPG at UK Games Expo 2022)

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