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Slay the Princess Opens the Door to Twisted, Branching Horror Tale Tod

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASETORONTO, Canada – Oct. 23, 2023 – Slay the Princess, the fully-voiced surreal horror visual novel developed by Black Tabby Games (Scarlet Hollow), bends the truth and the spacetime continuum itself today on PC via Steam, Mac, and Linux, with full Steam Deck support.You find yourself in the middle of a dark forest densely populated with trees that part only to make way for a small hill adorned by a lone cabin. The Narrator (voiced by Jonathan Sims of The Magnus Archives) grants the simple eponymous instruction: enter the cabin and slay the princess. If you don’t, the world ends. At least, that’s what you’re told.The princess (voiced by Nichole Goodnight) has other plans, and none of them include dying. She will do and say anything to free herself. Will you do as you’re told and slay the princess..or at least try to? Maybe you’ll hear her out — after all, she’s the one locked up, and the Narrator is the one telling you to murder her.But it always winds up in the same place, with the same task: Slay the Princess. But why is she…different this time? She may have shifted form into a monster when she bit her own arm off to break free of the chains, but she’s not the same type of monster as she was the last time. And why is everything looping around back to this cabin, anyway? Why is the Narrator so omniscient…but needs you to save the world by slaying the princess?Carve out the truth in an evolving drama fueled by player choice and experience a host of unforeseen personalities and possibilities that emerge over time. Take a stab at saving the world in a hand-drawn, monochromatic world dramatically illustrated by Ignatz-winning graphic novelist Abby Howard (The Crossroads at Midnight, The Last Halloween), and brave the surreal world-changing consequences that follow.“It’s up to you to decide the truth,” says Tony Howard-Arias, Lead Writer at Black Tabby Games. “There is no one way through this story, and how players arrive at situations alters the narrative trajectory as much as the scenarios themselves. We’re so curious to see how players react to the story’s context changing along the way and how that affects their decisions moving forward.”Slay the Princess launches today on Steam and GOG for PC, Mac, Linux, and Steam Deck for $17.99 with a 10% launch discount, alongside a $9.99 Supporter’s Pack containing the OST. A bundled discount is also available with Black Tabby Games’ Early Access title Scarlet Hollow. For more information on Slay the Princess, check out the official website, follow developer Black Tabby Games on Twitter and Tumblr, and join the official Discord and Reddit.AssetsLaunch TrailerAbout Black Tabby GamesBlack Tabby Games is an award-winning indie studio composed of Abby Howard (Ignatz-winning graphic novelist) and Tony Howard-Arias. Their combined penchant for powerfully interactive storytelling forms a consistently unforgettable duo of horror and humor as seen in 2021’s award-winning Scarlet Hollow.Media ContactsZachery Bennett / Carter Dotson / Noah VacaStride PR for Black Tabby Games[email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

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