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New PC indie game Monsters of Mican available on Epic First Run!

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Blankitt Productions LLC presents Monsters of Mican, a first person party-based RPG inspired by PC classics like Might and Magic and Wizardry!Monsters of Mican is an experience full of hand-crafted discovery and humor, featuring a semi-linear series of dungeons under a volcano on the world of Mican.

The game includes:-over 170 unique monsters, most of which with groan inducing pun names-over 100 spells and abilities to learn, including a spell that turns any object into a sandwich, or one which creates a glowing flower just for the heck of it-a completely original 23 track OST, with a sound test option to hear them all from the main menu-over 70 monster "traits" which drastically change how enemies behave in combat (i.e. the "voracious" trait lets a monster eat other smaller monsters to gain some power-a randomized loot system similar to that of the Diablo games, with 7 tiers of equipment quality-a unique story filled with surprising narrative and gameplay twists- tons of hidden secrets in every levelLaunch trailer here: game is available now on the Epic Games Store as a timed exclusive Epic First Run title free demo is available at website

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