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<Lightning Princess>, the 1000000% Overcharged Lightning Action RPG: P

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Following up on their hit mobile games, such as Demigod Idle: Rise of a legend and Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero, SuperPlanet has opened pre-registrations for their most anticipated title of 2023, Lightning Princess!Lightning Princess is an electrifying idle action RPG where an enraged Lightning Princess uses lightning skills to wipe out monsters and sweep past stages relentlessly. Its breathtaking action and cinematic sounds of destroying seal stones and crushing bosses are bound to leave players awe-struck. Are you ready to pulverize enemies with your lightning skills and special attacks to claim the crown?

Storyline: Lightning Princess, charge for the throne!

Once upon a time, the lightning god created land. On that land, every girl with outstanding abilities was bestowed with a drop of the lightning god’s blood. These beings, who took on the special powers, were called the Lightning Princesses.

Then one day, the lightning god vanished, and the war to take over the lightning throne began. But even after tireless battles, no one stood to be fully worthy of the throne. To put an end to the countless sacrifices, the families came to an agreement that the Lightning Princesses would represent each family in their competition for the throne.

Thus began the Lightning Princess’ adventures. Who shall be the last princess standing to claim the lightning throne?

■ Electrifying battles using lightning! Hack & Slash action RPG

Wipe out your enemies at the speed of light in intense battles! The Lightning Princess gets stronger as you bulldoze more monsters with blinding lightning skills that strike from the sky. Collect numerous skills, such as Thunderstrike, Lightning Beam, Lightning Dragon, and Lightning Hammer, to grant your princess even more power.

■ Freely move around with the easy controls to charge at the enemy!

Lightning Princess sets the bar for idle RPGs with its dual play modes of manual control and idle mode. Take control to gather energy and blast fleets of monsters at once, or leave the princess on auto-pilot to endlessly swift pass stages using lightning and awakening skills. You decide how you want to play your game!■ The blood, sweat, and tears of the Lightning Princess to claim the throne!

The Lightning Princess will do whatever it takes to reach the top! Battle other Lightning Princesses in the Arena and put your skills to the test in Promotions. When you stand victorious, incredible rewards will be waiting for you, taking you one step closer to claiming the lightning throne. Ready to feel the fury of the Lightning Princess?

[Electrifying Pre-Registration Step-Up Rewards!]

Lightning Princess is ready to welcome players around the globe with an array of step-up rewards for reaching pre-registration milestones!

■ 100,000: The Prepared One’s Backpack Skin + Rubies x3,000

■ 300,000: The Prepared One’s Weapon Skin + Rubies x4,000

■ 500,000: The Prepared One’s Costume Skin + Rubies x5,000

Pre-register now for Lightning Princess, the 1000000% overcharged lightning action RPG!

▶ Pre-Registration Link:

▶ Discord Link:

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