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Get Ready for Arknights Newest Event 'ALL QUIET UNDER THE THUNDER'

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October 25th, 2023 – Shanghai, China – Arknights, the widely praised mobile RPG known for its strategic gameplay, is gearing up to unveil its newest event titled "ALL QUIET UNDER THE THUNDER". This exciting event promises players an immersive episode experience, access to new Operators, limited-time attire, and a wealth of enticing rewards. Mark your calendars because this event is scheduled to run from October 24th, 10:00 (UTC-7), all the way through to November 7th, 03:59 (UTC-7).

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About All Quiet Under The Thunder Event

A gripping conflict is poised to erupt between Sarkaz and Rhodes Island operators, with the final outcome awaiting players' exploration. Alongside the limited-time episode, players can progressively unlock content within the Cleaner's Collection by conquering various difficulty tiers in the ‘All Quiet Under The Thunder' stages and accomplishing designated objectives. Notably, there's an opportunity for players to obtain the mainline reward operator, Morgan, completely free of charge.

Furthermore, in addition to acquiring Morgan, players can anticipate an abundant array of valuable rewards, including Morgan's token, Logistics Special Permits, the exclusive 'Shackles of Shadow' avatar, Plaque – Horizons, Plaque – Within Reach, elite materials, LMD, and more.

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New Operators

6-star Vanguard Operator: Ines

Ines, a formidable 6-star Vanguard Operator, brings a unique skill set to the battlefield. Having fought alongside the renowned Operator W, Ines boasts reduced Redeployment Time and wields the ability to unleash ranged attacks. Her exceptional talent lies in the first strike against each enemy, which not only immobilizes them for several crucial seconds but also siphons a portion of their ATK, maintaining the effect until the target is either vanquished or Ines strategically retreats. She is a formidable Operator with control, damage, and stealth capabilities. For players seeking to enhance their squad's strength and tactical options, acquiring Ines is a highly recommended choice.

5-star Guard Operator: Morgan

5-star Guard Operator Morgan is a fearless Dreadnought who deals physical damage with each attack. By sacrificing a portion of HP, she can gain ATF buff (Skill 1) or a Barrier (Skill 2).

5-star Defender Operator: Cement

5-star Defender Operator Cement excels as a Duelist and only restores SP when blocking enemies. She gains Physical damage reduction and double the effect after deployment duration. Cement's first skill deals Physical damage to all enemies within Attack Range and can hold charges, while the second skill grants stackable DEF buffs.

4-star Guard Operator: Humus

4-star Guard Operator Humus, a Reaper, cannot be healed by allies but deals AOE damage with attacks. Humus recovers HP for each enemy hit (up to his block count).

New Arrivals in the Store

The event debuts with three exquisite additions to the EPOQUE Collection: 'Horn – To Effloresce Whitely,' 'Heidi – A Thousand Correspondences,' and 'Harmonie – Invitation.' But that's not all – brace yourselves for the triumphant return of five resplendent skins! Among them, the incandescent 'Hellagur-Octopath Illusion' from the Bloodline of Combat/II series, the mesmerizing 'Shirayuki-Wind of Breaking,' and the indomitable 'Raythean Striker/II series' featuring 'Siege-City Destroyer,' 'Indra-Valiant General,' and 'Scavenger-Survive.'

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