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Future Bike Available Now for PC and Android on, Newgrouds, an

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press] Champaign, IL – October 19, 2023 – Independent development studio Doomlaser announces that Future Bike, a twisted first-person motorcycle parkour game is now available for PC and Android on, Newgrounds, and GameJolt. The game is free to play.Future Bike is an exciting game where players can navigate their motorcycle through progressively challenging roller coaster-like courses, shifting gravity, and performing impressive jumps.The game is accessible on both phones and computers through a web browser. It draws inspiration from video games like Star Fox for SNES and Super Hexagon, featuring a visually appealing low-poly, texture-free aesthetic.FeaturesTwisted first-person motorcycle parkour gameplay.Complex roller coaster-like tracks, generated procedurally.Impressive jumps and stunts.Accessible in web browsers on both phones and computers.Inspired by classic video games like Star Fox for SNES and Super Hexagon.A visually striking low-poly and texture-free aesthetic.A unique and computer art-inspired look.Store SitesItch.ioGameJoltNew GroundsSocial MediaTwitterInstagramFacebookYoutubeTik TokMastodonThreadsBskyAdditional InformationMedia AssetsWebsiteAbout DoomlaserMark Johns originally wanted to have a place to post projects and maybe talk about the video games he was writing. As a result, Doomlaser was born. Since then, he went on to make several games and worked on quite a few other projects, both solo and with big companies like Niantic and Apple, for Doomlaser and for hire.He’s also worked on a bunch of games, such as: Hot Throttle for Adult Swim (with the venerable Cactus) Space Barnacle (with Kevin Coulton) The Hunger Games iOS title for the Lionsgate movie. Das Cube (with Alec Holowka and Danny B) Plus more, like Standard Bits, Owl Country, and Shit Game Worked on some secret future augmented reality technology projects for Niantic, of Pokemon Go fame.He co-wrote the hit iOS Tap Tap Revenge game, and several of its spinoffs for Disney né Tapulous, along with this charming man. Interned at Apple programming stuff for clickwheel iPod games. He’s also one of the characters in Apple’s Texas Hold’em. He also develops a few notable system tools for the Mac, like Cursorcerer.

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