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Explore Creative And Collaborative Fun In New Dev Commentary For Cosy

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press] London, United Kingdom – November 3rd, 2023 – Publisher Jetpack Collective and Snowcastle Games, an independent Oslo-based game developer, have today released a new developer commentary video focusing on multiplayer features in Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure. The cosy co-op, Earthlock spinoff, Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure, will release on Thursday November 9th for PC at a retail price of $24.99 (£20.99). Console platforms will be coming at a later date with Xbox due to release on November 23rd, PlayStation February 8th, 2024 and Nintendo Switch to follow at a later date.The new developer commentary video focuses on collaborative play in multiplayer mode as you set out to build your perfect piece of paradise in Ikonei Island. Team up with your friends for an unforgettable adventure, experience an immersive world and let the magic of cooperation unfold before you.Co-op play is at the heart of the game in Ikonei Island. The Ikonei Island: Friends’ Pass, which launched on Steam last month, allows your friends to join you even if they haven’t purchased the full game. The Friend’s Pass also works as a demo so you can learn how to play. The adventure doesn’t end here, seasonal updates and new content will follow after launch so you can keep exploring.This video follows on from a recent developer commentary detailing the bonds you can build with creatures on the island, showcasing how you can harness their unique abilities to gather materials and uncover the secrets of the magical island the game is set on. It explains how important it is to care for your creature when it comes to building your relationships and unlocking cool new abilities.Ikonei Island blends the joys of farming with the excitement of building your own unique home. The game delivers a whole host of creative features, including the ability to build, upgrade and expand your home to your own vision, whether that be a cosy cottage with a garden, or a cute campsite with a sprawling farm. From lush gardens to cosy interiors, the power to shape your living space is in your own hands and the possibilities are endless.Find out more:STEAM EARLY ACCESS: Snowcastle Games:Snowcastle Games is an independent game developer founded in Oslo, Norway in 2009 with the aim of creating games we love and would want to play ourselves. Snowcastle Games is known for creating Earthlock, a passion project inspired by the developer’s childhood favorites that has sold over 2.5 million copies across PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.Currently, Snowcastle Games is putting all the experience of their growing team into developing their next titles: Earthlock 2 and Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure.For more information on Snowcastle Games, visit Iterative Collective:The Iterative Collective is an incubator, developer, and publisher for indie games. It was founded in 2019 by game developers who set out to tackle the problems faced by developers in the games industry.The Iterative Collective offers a holistic and structured approach to the incubation and publishing of independent games, working collaboratively with developers to ensure that their visions are realised and successfully shared with the world.For more information on the Iterative Collective, visit Jetpack Collective:We are the Jetpack Collective. We publish games that keep on giving, that you fall in love with over and over again.We believe in games that ignite the imagination, sustain meaningful stories that we all want to share and that evolves with all its players. We aim to elevate game makers who care about what players think, say, feel and do. Power to the Players.For more information on the Jetpack Collective, visit http://jetpackcollective.gamesPRESS PACK: Collective is the publishing label for Living Games Publisher Fundamentally Games

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