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Death From Above translated into Crimean Tatar!

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press] Munich, Germany – October 5th 2023. Lesser Evil translates Death From Above into Crimean Tatar and simplified Chinese, adds new content.

Lesser Evil, publishers of Death From Above, a game about the defense of Ukraine during the ongoing Russian invasion, is proud to announce the translation of the title into Crimean Tatar. Death From Above is available in early access on Steam for €9.75/$9.99/£8.99. All text, including menu options and subtitles, has been translated into Tatar by local localization experts, further underlining Lesser Evil’s commitment to supporting the Ukrainian resistance and fight for freedom. The game has also been fully translated into simplified Chinese.

The people of the Crimea region, for which Tatar is a state language, have been some of the most heavily impacted by the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory,” said Lesser Evil CEO Hendrik Lesser. “Erasure of language and culture is one of the earliest hallmarks of imperialism and violent occupation, so this opportunity to make Death From Above available to play in the native language of the Crimean Tatars was one which we relished. We will not stand idly by and allow Putin’s aggression to go unopposed.

In addition to the translations, Death From Above also has new content available in another free update. This includes a new Crimean Tatar skin for the drone and operator as well as a new side activity: Stop the Convoy, which introduces roaming enemy vehicles into the game for your drone operator to intercept. We’ve also added new achievements to the game: Skilled Pilot, Convoy Destroyer, North Atlantic Fella Organization and Double Damage.

Death From Above is an arcade-style drone simulator game set during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. You will play as a Ukrainian military drone operator fighting the occupation forces, salvaging valuable equipment and restoring communication lines disrupted by the conflict as you strive to free your homeland.30% of net revenues from game sales will be sent to two Ukrainian charities: Come Back Alive and Army of Drones. Once we cover our production costs, that donation will increase to 70% of all net game revenues, with the final 30% going towards continued development. In June, we donated €7,500, split evenly between Come Back Alive and Army of Drones, plus an extra donation of €2,500 to help the victims of the Russian attack on the Nova Kakhovka dam, which has devastated civilian areas with flooding.


About Lesser Evil

We are Lesser Evil. We are uncompromisingly anti-authoritarian, anti-racist, and pro-democracy. We publish video games with clear political or social intent and messaging. Video games are this century's most widespread, impactful, and important cultural medium. As works of human expression, they should be emotional and make the player feel something.

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About Hendrik Lesser

Hendrik Lesser is an avid advocate for the video game industry, serving as President of the European Game Developers Federation and board member and managing director of Games Bavaria Munich. He has also co-founded Videospielkultur, a club promoting video games as a cultural medium.

About Death from Above

Death from Above is a critically acclaimed, easy-to-pick-up arcade drone warfare simulator video game developed by Finnish studio Rockodile Games with help from Octobear Knight Games, produced and published by Lesser Evil. Co-funded on Kickstarter, the game is currently available in Early Access on STEAM, with nearly 99% positive reviews and an engaged pro-Ukrainian community. Death From Above is what some depict as a News Game, an ambitious and socially engaged multimedia project that in real-time narrates the horrors of the Russian invasion on Ukraine. Death From Above is raising funds for Army of Drones and Come Back Alive. The project is supported by many Ukrainian prominent companies, fundations and charismatic artists such as: Antytila, Surface Tension, Areorozvzidka, GiS Arta and Odarka. Learn more by visiting our social media channels.

"I think the game is groundbreaking in broaching a serious conversation among gamers and game developers." – GamesBeat

“Satire is finally an effective means of countering the ubiquitous Russian information warriors. The Russian troll will be defeated at its own game. This is nothing new: Charlie Chaplin made fun of Adolf Hitler in a film back in 1940, when the world war was raging. Today, "The Great Dictator" is considered a masterpiece” – Der Standard

"I can't help but feel that the developer's message is that humane treatment of the enemy and peaceful resistance are more important than fighting." –

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