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Cinematic Time Travel RPG Reverse: 1999 Surpasses 1M Pre-Registrations

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press] Hong Kong, October 18, 2023– Bluepoch Games has announced that 20th Century time travel strategic RPG Reverse: 1999 has eclipsed 1M global pre-registrations in just one month. The game, which features breathtaking cinematics, jaw-dropping Ultimates, and full English voice acting comprising a unique array of dialects and accents, is set to launch worldwide across PC, Android and iOS devices on October 26. Pre-register today to claim a bundle of in-game rewards upon release, including 5-star character Matilda.Saving the timeline and unraveling the mystery behind the “Storm” takes all sorts of personalities, and not all of them are clear-cut heroes. In celebration of today’s milestone, a new trailer on mad scientist X has been shared. X will be one of the many Acanists that players will be recruiting to fight the “Storm” when Reverse:1999 launches next week.Led by curiosity and self-interest above all, X may be protective of his friends or allies, but sees his foes as rich opportunities for potentially lethal (or worse) experimentation in the course of his scientific inquiries. Woe be to anyone who gets between him and his stock of coffee beans, too. Beyond being a master engineer, X also wields powerful arcane powers which allow him to enhance and enchant devices, including his already-menacing inventions. It’s probably for the best that he appears to be on your side… at least so long as you hold his interest.X is not only one of dozens of mysterious strangers ready to join your cause in Reverse: 1999, but also among those who extended a helping hand to protagonist Vertin, Timekeeper of the St Pavlov Foundation. Gather your allies and lead them on a grand mission across time and space to protect history as we know it, aiming to find out the truth of the all-consuming anomaly only known as the “Storm.” Prepare for this spectacular mission by pre-registering Reverse: 1999 now and join over 1,000,000 players ready to begin their adventure through time on October 26. All pre-registered players will be able to claim a bundle of in-game rewards to kickstart their journey through the eras, including 5-star character Matilda. Follow Reverse: 1999 on X/Twitter, YouTube,Facebook and the official site for more news as it is announced. Expect the unexpected, and prepare to face foes from across the twentieth century when the game launches later this month. Join the game’s official Discord channel and follow the social media hashtag #Reverse1999 for updates and other promotions. Mad scientists and mystics alike are invited!###ABOUT BLUEPOCH GAMES CO. LTDEstablished in 2020, Bluepoch is an ambitious, passionate and globally-focused company. Our team has committed itself to exploring the vast potential of anime through the creation of dreamlike, immersive, and heartfelt games. Our imagination is as infinite as the starry universe.MEDIA CONTACTDavid LozadaReverb Communications[email protected]

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