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Can You Uncover the Clues & Catch the Killer Before it's Game Over?

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press] Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, and developer HitherYon Games, are excited to announce the forthcoming release of Murder is Game Over due in the download stores on 27th October 2023, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One,Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch.

For all those sleuths out there, here is a point and click ‘whodunit’ mystery that will have you immersed in a storyline that is both challenging and intriguing. The enthusiastic positive reaction to Murder is Game Over has gone on to spawn a successful series of subsequent games!

Get ready to unravel a killer!

The story begins with a world-renowned video game designer having recently purchased a castle in rural Vermont and moved in with his family. He’s under pressure from his video game publisher looking for him to finish his project so it can be released. At the same time a descendent of the original castle builder shows up and gives the game designer an ominous warning that the castle has a curse on it, urging him to leave. He doesn’t heed her message and soon afterwards the game designer is found dead!


The objective of the game is to figure out who killed the victim and how the crime was committed. The main mechanics, systematically, involve speaking with 8 suspects, searching for clues and then presenting clues to the suspects to expose a lie or otherwise continue the story. Once you have enough evidence to reveal the culprit, the detective then explains the details of the murder to the assembled cast and the player answers questions about what happens.Sounds simple, but that is where the essence of this thrilling crime solving story needs to be unfolded.

Murder is Game Over is a linear story with a lot of detail. The player can talk to suspects and find clues in any order, but there are specific actions that need to be performed before being ready to explain the mystery’s solution. Some areas are locked until you’ve solved a puzzle that allows you to access them. For the average player there is approximately 2-3 hours of gameplay. In addition to the main goal of solving the murder mystery, there are additional side-quests including a collection game and a treasure hunt riddle.

Investigation scenario

The investigation begins outside the front door of the castle near where the murder happened. Inside the castle are the victim’s living quarters, including a room with a playable pipe organ, an arcade game room with a minigame, as well as mystery staples like the master bedroom, the study, the garden, the kitchen and dining room. Then there’s also the sealed wing of the castle, which is unsafe and off limits due to needing renovations. You’ll also explore the outside areas nearby, including a large cemetery, a town park, and a dense forest. Maybe somewhere there’s a secret passage… If that sounds a little big and confusing like you might get lost then don’t worry! The in-game menu has a world map so that the player can orient themselves when needed.

The first task is to determine the cause of death and identify the murder weapon. It turns out that the victim was crushed to death by a gargoyle that somehow came off the castle roof! Nearby, Cleo finds a clue which is a library book that discusses the castle’s dark history. Is it possible that the supernatural curse really is to blame, or is a human killer responsible?

The developer summarises:

The US developer, HitherYon Games, was asked to paraphrase the experience presented.

“For us the most innovative feature is the emphasis on exploration. Most murder mystery games only have a small map with a few cluttered rooms and the player’s job is to pixel-hunt for hidden objects. The exploration in the game is much more like an RPG where you visit different locations that are realistically scaled. The layout of the game world may even be important in the solution to the case!”

Murder is Game Over’s story is methodically plotted with loving detail. Puzzles are all focused on solving the mystery rather than merely unrelated minigames. The atmosphere accents the feeling of fun, spooky suspense with use of pixel art visuals and custom original music and the setting is inspired by a real castle in rural Vermont, Much research has gone into making the feel of the game as authentic as possible!

Features, facts and what you get!

2D Top down view

8 suspects

Mini Games

Crime Solving

Atmospheric look, sound and music

Intuitive interface

A dog

Impressive settings and lighting


Save featureFind the Killer Before They Find You!

About Ratalaika Games

Ratalaika Games S.L. is a video game company focused on publishing & porting great games to the console market.

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