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Assemble Entertainment Announces Release Dates For Strategy Game Growt

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[Wiesbaden, Germany – October 4th, 2023] – Publisher Assemble Entertainment is excited to announce the release dates of not one, but two of its upcoming games. Soft-strategy game Growth and visual novel Windy Meadow – A Roadwarden Tale will both launch for PC via Steam on October 16, 2023. While both games are very different from each other, they each carry the high level of quality players expect from Assemble Entertainment’s games.Growth

Growth, a cozy, hex grid based soft-strategy game developed by VoodooDuck, features vibrant colors and plenty of replayability. As its name suggests, Growth is all about populating and expanding upon the procedurally generated land by working together with animals. Turn barren sections of land into densely packed forests and meadows while focusing on cozy exploration.[Growth Press Kit]

Exploration is a key component in Growth, and thanks to its procedurally generated world, the puzzle game offers plenty of variety and wonder. As you expand, you’ll come across different animals, each with unique abilities that will help you overcome the game’s many obstacles.

Windy Meadow

Windy Meadow – A Roadwarden Tale,which takes place in the Roadwarden universe developed by Moral Anxiety Studio, is a visual novel that focuses on player choice. Set in the tranquil, yet mysterious world of Viaticum, Windy Meadow features three protagonists named Vena, Fabel, and Ludicia. These characters are at the heart of the narrative, and their stories intertwine with each other in unexpected ways.[Windy Meadow Press Kit]

Windy Meadow’s intriguing story is bolstered by its beautiful character sprites that come to life alongside an evocative musical score. Make a wide variety of choices – from seemingly small to life-changing – all while navigating the complexities of each character’s personality and story. Your choices will not only impact how NPCs feel about you, but also the dialogue options, and game’s endings.

Growth and Windy Meadow – A Roadwarden Tale will both be available on Steam on October 16th. While you wait for their releases, be sure to check out the Steam demos for Growth and Windy Meadow. To keep up with all things related to Assemble Entertainment, follow Assemble Entertainment on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and join the official Assemble Discord server.

About Assemble Entertainment

Based in Wiesbaden, Germany, Assemble Entertainment is an independent, privately owned games publisher that’s made “Saving the World. Game by Game.” its mission. Founded by Stefan Marcinek in 2016, Assemble is known for its critically acclaimed and diverse indie games, such as Endzone – A World Apart, Roadwarden, Lacuna, and Orbital Bullet. Since 2022, Assemble has been responsible for the distribution of Mixtvision’s games, handling indie hits such as FAR: Lone Sails. Assemble also has won the German Developer Award twice in the category of “Best Publisher.” Learn more about Assemble at

Assemble organizes GermanDevDays, one of Frankfurt's most popular German-speaking conferences. The conference, hosted by Stefan Marcinek, features the GermanDevDays Indie Award, where indie teams across Germany can participate to win cash prizes. Learn more about the GermanDevDays at

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