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Friday, 13th October 2023 – HEXWORKS, a CI Games studio, has today unleashed the highly-anticipated, dark fantasy action-RPG, Lords of the Fallen, on PC, PlayStation®5, and Xbox® Series X|S. Harnessing the cutting edge power of Unreal Engine 5 – the first action-RPG to do so – Lords of the Fallen delivers a visceral and immersive adventure, featuring a unique dual-realm mechanic that allows players to seamlessly transition from Axiom, the brutal and unforgiving world of the living, to Umbral, the nightmarish world of the dead. Would-be heroes must journey through these vast and interconnected lands of Mournstead in the holiest of quests to defeat a demon god.

Cast in the role of a Dark Crusader, one of the devout and ferocious champions of the Church of Orius, players will find themselves facing demonic hordes and catastrophic bosses across both planes of reality. To aid such endeavours, they must harness the ungodly powers of the Umbral Lamp; an object that imbues its bearers with the ability to transcend realms, flay the very souls of enemies, and even manipulate the environment, itself. The lamp also provides its bearer a second chance to overcome defeat; die in the land of the living, and players will rise again in Umbral… where the longer your stay, the more dangerous it becomes.

“We are thrilled that Lords of the Fallen is finally launching,” said Saul Gascon, Head of Studio at HEXWORKS. “The journey of all lampbearers and their epic quest to overcome the demon god Adyr begins! This is the culmination of almost four years of passion, hard work, and determination, as every single individual at HEXWORKS and CI Games has come together from all corners of the globe to deliver a truly boundary-pushing addition to the action-RPG genre. We couldn't be more delighted for all of you to dive into our immersive universe. In light, we walk!”

Lords of the Fallen key features:

Explore a vast interconnected world:Use the Umbral Lamp to cross between the worlds of the living and dead, reach forgotten places, unearth fabled treasures, and even manipulate the very soul of your foe.Challenging fluid tactical combat: Master melee and ranged weapons, and wield powerful magics against Adyr’s demonic hordes.Define your own legend: Choose from nine starting character classes and fully customise your warrior for the herculean journey ahead.Rise from death:Fall in the world of the living and rise again in the world of the dead. The lamp allows for a second and final chance to return to life, as the nightmarish forces of Umbral descend upon you.Unite or fight in online multiplayer: Seamless two-player co-op multiplayer enables players to take on Adyr’s forces together; but beware of heroes invading from other realms.

This week has also seen the release of the Lords of the Fallen official soundtrack, in partnership with Laced Records. Available on music streaming platforms now, the launch of the 36-track album precedes the upcoming pre-order and release of a limited-edition triple LP set. The soundtrack, written by award-winning composers Cris Velasco (Bloodborne, Resident Evill VII: Biohazard) and Knut Avenstroup Haugen (Lords of the Fallen 2014, Conon Exiles) was recorded with the 80-piece Budapest Scoring Orchestra and Choir, together with soprano Eurielle, contralto Jess Dandy, and principal cellist of the London Symphony Orchestra, David Cohen.

Check out the 80-Piece Orchestral Performance here.

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About CI Games:CI Games is an independent, global Video Games Developer and Publisher, with studios in Warsaw, Barcelona, Bucharest, UK, and the US. Founded in 2002, CI Games have created globally recognised titles for over twenty years; the Sniper Ghost Warrior franchise has sold over 14 million copies worldwide, while the original Lords of the Fallen (2014) has surpassed the 10 million player mark. In 2018, United Label was founded, focusing on smaller but equally ambitious titles, including Röki, Eldest Souls, and Tails of Iron. HEXWORKS, a new studio specialising in action-RPGs and made up of industry veterans, was formed in early 2020, and is currently developing Lords of the Fallen, the company's most ambitious title to date. For more information about CI Games, please

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