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BioWare is moving Star Wars: The Old Republic's servers to cloud

Star Wars: The Old Republicisn’t just getting a change in developers. Beginning next week, the MMO will have its game servers migrated over to the cloud for “continued health and stability”as Broadsword handles the game’s future development.

According to the developer blog, the transitionhas been in the works for some time. The game’s Public Test Server has already been moved over, and a wholly new server has already been formed within the cloud.

BioWare stated that the cloud shift will allow for streamlined backend updates and the integration of newer tech and software for long-term stability. Going to cloud also allows for resources to be allocated towards “enhancing the game experience” and helping SWTOR’s extended servers reach new players.

“We will be able to leverage and integrate updated tech such as newer hardware and software,”it wrote. It added that “cloud modernization”will allow for “numerous tools and automation workflows [updates] which will help us maintain the game for long term.”

Going forward,The Old Republic’sinfrastructure will be handled by Amazon Web Services. The service is already under use by a variety of studios big and small for online games such asFortniteandMarvel Snap.

Shortly after the Broadsword announcement, BioWare reaffirmed that cloud servers were always planned for the MMO. Future content is still in the works, and presumably the jump over to cloud will help ensure the game’s stability when those expansions and other live events release.

Servers will be moved over in “small batches,”with the first move occurring on Tuesday, August 15 for the “Leviathan”server. Six hours of downtime are expected for that server, and BioWare said a similar downtime will happen for the other servers when they get brought over.

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