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Nintendo is helping retirees in Japan tear it up in Mario Kart

Nintendo wants to help senior citizens in Japan keep gaminginto their golden years by sending out Switch hardware and software to retirement homes.

The Japanese companyhas started an initiative that will allow older players go hands-on with the Nintendo Switch and titles like Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training,Nintendo Switch Sports and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe by hosting assisted events at care homes.

Nintendo previously held “small-scale” events at some residences and faciliaites operated by Gakken Cocofan and said the response from players was “positive.”

As a result, Nintendo will continue working with Gakken Cocofan to “expand the scope of the event” and intends tosend out Switch consoles and software to 200 residential buildings operated by the company.

“We received a positive response from many elderly people who participated in the event, so from November 2023, we will expand the scope of the event to elderly people with services provided by Gakken Cocofan in Japan,” reads a press release translated by Google (thanks for the spot, NME).

“Through these initiatives, we are pursuing further possibilities for Nintendo Switch and compatible software, and by providing unique entertainment that everyone can experience, we aim to reach out to everyone related to Nintendo, regardless of age, gender, or gaming experience.”

The Nintendo Switch is closing in on 130 million lifetime sales according to Nintendo’s latest financials, so we reckon the company can probably afford to send a few hundred units to retirement homes.


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