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Xbox accessibility update adds keyboard remapping

FutureXboxupdates will soonexpand upon the developer’s continued growth of accessibility options and features.

One of the biggest will let players remap the buttons of their Xbox Elite 2 or Adaptative Controllers to their PC keyboard. The function is meant for those with limited mobility to use for games that only use keyboard and mouth inputs. It’scurrently available to Xbox Insiders, and will come toPC and console in the coming months.

Similarly, players can nowable to set up theirXbox console to pair with a new Xbox controller without making direct contact. Instead, playersuse an Xbox media remote, previously paired controlleror digital voice assistant to pair controllers and accessories, which will be particularly helpful for those with limited mobility.

For PC players, Xbox will addan accessibility settings menu for the Xbox PC game bar an incoming update on Thursday,October 19. Visual and audio-related controls will let players tweak things to their preference, and will be accessible through any widget on the PC game bar.

Finally, Microsoft released aplaybook for accessible gaming events, which is intended to share “best practices” learned from workingevents such as E3, GDC, and Gamescom. The guide covers planning aspects such as registration, transportation, and presentations, and also comes with a video on disability etiquette training.

“Much like our Accessibility guidelines, these best practices are designed for event product teams as a catalyst for generating ideas and a set of guardrails when planning,”stressed Xbox. “They can also be used when evaluating the accessibility of an event at its completion to build for the future.”

Microsoft has been focused on accessibility in games for a number of years. At GDC this past March, accessibility program manager BrannonZahand gave some tips on how developers can work with consultants within the disability community, which can be read here.

Game Developer and GDC are sibling organizations under Informa Tech.


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