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Sony unveils slim PlayStation 5 with detachable disc drive

Sony has confirmed the existence of a newPlayStation 5 model and a detachable disc drive for the console. Likeprevious PlayStation systems, the upcoming PS5 will be slimmer than its original iterations and eventually become the “main”PS5 system after inventory for the original models runs out.

Both products were previously reportedback in 2022, and are on track to release in November. The new PlayStation 5 (which comes instandard and digital versions) will contain the same internal hardware of those original models, and feature 1 TB of storage.

The disc-based version of the new PS5 will run for $499 (549.99 in Europe), while the digital-only version is priced at $449. At time of writing, Sony hasn’t disclosed if the soon-to-be discontinued models will receive a price cut (either permanent or temporarily).

As for the detachable disc drive, it’s priced at $80, and will allow owners of the digital PS5 to run game discs. Notably, the new PS5 models will release around the general vicinity ofMarvel’s Spider-Man 2,the big PS5 game for the holiday season.

More details on the PlayStation 5 Slim and the disc drive can be found here.


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