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PS5 cloud game streaming in the works for PlayStation Plus Premium

PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers will soon be able to take advantage of PlayStation 5 cloud game streaming.

Sony explained it’s currently testing the feature, which will let PlayStation 5 owners immediatelyjump into supported titles without the need for downloads, ahead of a proper rollout.

The console maker said supported games will include PS5 titles from the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog and Game Trials, as well as digital PS5 titles that players already own.

“Our goal is to add this as an additional benefit to PlayStation Plus Premium as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the value of PlayStation Plus,” wrote the company in a blog post.

Cloud Streaming on PlayStation 5

“We think it’s important for Premium members to be able to enjoy as many games as possible via cloud streaming. As more games continue to launch on the PS5 console, we look forward to adding cloud streaming capability for PS5 titles in addition to the PS3, PS4 and classic titles that are already available for Premium members to stream.”

Sony said it’s currently in the “early stages” of testing and plans to share a launch timeframe further down the line.

The feature will be exclusive to PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers, which is the most expensive of the three subscription tiers–Essential, Extra, and Premium–offered by Sony.

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