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Harebrained Schemes splits off from Paradox in 2024

Come January 1, 2024, Paradox Interactive will no longer own Harebrained Schemes. The two companies will end their five-year relationship in what’s said to be a “mutual agreement” from both parties regarding “each party’s strategic and creative priorities.”

Paradox will keep ownership of Harebrained games such as its newest release,The Lamplighters League. The strategy title released earlier in the month and Paradox wrote it off as a financialloss days after it came out. It reportedly laid off most of Harebrained’s staff months prior to the game’s launch.

As it supportsLamplightersthrough the remainder of the year,Harebrained will “seek new publishing, partnership, and investment opportunities.”

Harebrained Schemes’ next steps

“We and HBS’ leadership have been discussing what would happen after the release of The Lamplighters League, but a new project or sequel in the same genre was not in line with our portfolio plans,”explained Paradox COO Charlotta Nilsson. “We believe that a separation would be the best way forward.”

Harebrained’s operations manager Brian Poel affirmed that the developer will pursue “an independent future in 2024” while still “[making] games that challenge your mind and touch your heart.”


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