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GameFAQs editor Allen Tyner departs site

Current GameFAQs editor and owner Allen Tyner is resigning. Known by his online handle “SBAllen,”Tyner says he’s chosen to part ways with Fandom, which acquired the site last year.

“After 20 long years, Ijust don’t enjoy things like I used to,”he explained, “and need to find some new challenge to tackle. […]Looking forward to seeing where things go for the site in the future.”

He added that he’ll operate as a site moderator and “offer whatever knowledge I can to those still working on the site.[…]I’ll still be around, possibly more as I move back down to a user rather than an Admin.”

Tyner has been anemployee of the guide and forum website since 2004. He took over as its editor and administrator in 2007 following the departure of his predecessor (and the site’s founder) Jeff Veasey in 2007.

Tyner also ran GameFAQs towards the end of its tenure as a CNET subsidiary. The site was acquired by Red Ventures (along with GameSpot and other ViacomCBS sites) in 2020, and both sites were then purchased by Fandom in October 2022.


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