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Baldur's Gate 3 was September's most-played Steam Deck game

Nearly two months after release,Baldur’s Gate 3is continuing to make waves. According to Valve, Larian’s RPG was the most-played Steam Deck game for the entire month of September.

While specific numbers weren’t given, Valve has previously revealed data for monthly games based on their average playtime.Baldur’s Gate 3 notably outpacesStarfieldin terms of Steam Deck hours, made all the more noteworthy by the fact that the latter game was released just a few days into the month.

Larian has been previously open about Baldur’s Gate 3performing far beyond the goals originally set out for it. It’s a definitive successand will continue to be, thanks to its staggered rollout:it released on PlayStation 5 in September, and the Xbox Series X|S version is due later this year.

In the case ofStarfield,the space RPG may just havemore players on PC or Xbox Series X|Svia Xbox Game Pass. By player numbers, Bethesda has previously indicated the game is a success with 10 million players two weeks afterrelease.

Other notable titles on that list includeCyberpunk 2077,Armored Core VI,andSea of Stars.LikeStarfield, Sea of Stars(which came out in late August) has seen earlysuccess, having sold over 250,000 copies a week since release.

Interestingly, the back half of the list (fromRed Dead Redemption II onwards) is made up of considerably older games like No Man’s Sky andStardew Valley.


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