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Kabam and Marvel Introduce Original First Nations Hero Chee’ilth & Mor

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Game Developer and its partnership with notable game PR-related resourceGames Press]

Kabam has prepared an action-packed November to celebrate National Native American Heritage Month for its popular mobile fighter MARVEL Contest of Champions. Revealed at New York Comic Con this year, and created and inspired by First Nations people, Kabam’s first-ever original First Nations Hero Chee’ilth is entering The Battlerealm this month and is joined by Apache warrior Kushala!World-renowned Canadian actress of Cree and Métis heritage Tantoo Cardinal narrated the all-new Motion Comic As Above, So Below—Discover the story of Chee'ilth and how she became the warrior who fought the malevolent being known as “The One Below All.” With over 250 Champions in The Contest, players can also add other classic Super Heroes, including Dani Moonstar and more.Also, Kabam and MARVEL have come together to create an original comic illustrating Chee’ilth’s origin. Dive into the origin story of Chee’ilth in this custom comic that is available to read online for free on Marvel HERE.Tune into today’s live stream, Nov. 3 @9am PST, on http://twitch.tv/Kabam to uncover all the exciting updates arriving in game, including a special announcement for Amazon Prime members!Here is a quick look at what The Contest has in store this month:The Sorcerer Supreme KUSHALA has come to The Contest to defeat an ancient and powerful enemy who threatens the entire multiverse with destruction! But Kushala will need more than just The Summoner's help to fend off this foe. Together they'll call on the aid of a brand new Champion unique to The Contest, the fierce and courageous warrior CHEE'ILTH! Will the combined might of Kushala's magic and Chee'ilth's skills be enough to overcome an enemy as powerful as The One Below All?DOWNLOAD HIGH-RES KEY ART HERECHARACTER BIOSWhen a nearby experimental gamma reactor went into meltdown, Gail Williams made the impossible choice to dive into the flaming wreckage and save her abusive foster father. In doing so, she showed her compassion, courage and fortitude and became the champion of two Divine Spirits, Brother Grizzly and Sister Eagle. The two spirits bestowed upon her their might, knowledge and healing gifts. Now she works to save those in need, even the gamma mutates cursed by The One Below All, as the hero Chee’ilth!Kushala, a proud member of the Apache nation in the mid-1800s, was the sole survivor of a tribe slaughtered by U.S. soldiers. In her anger and grief, she cried out for aid, opening herself to a Spirit of Vengeance, a demon that helped her reduce the soldiers to smoldering ash. Horrified by the violent nature of her new partner, she sought to rid herself of its influence. She ultimately failed in this task, but along the way came to master the mystical arts, ultimately becoming the Sorcerer Supreme of her time and a staunch defender of our reality.Set your reminders! Kushala arrives in-game on Nov. 16 and Chee’ilth on Nov. 30. In the meantime, players can now see the two Champions team up and join The Contest in the latest Motion Comic and catch up on The Battlerealm with character Deep Dive and Special Moves content on the official MARVEL Contest of Champions YouTube channel.There’s no better time for fans to jump into Marvel Contest of Champions and experience a unique roster of over 250 characters. Approaching its 10th Anniversary year in 2024, Kabam has also overhauled original launch characters, such as Iron Man, by giving them a shiny new look, new animations, and a completely overhauled set of abilities. Now through Nov. 6 @10am PT, returning players can participate in Iron Man’s Comeback to experience his new abilities and cosmetics in action and receive great awards just for coming back!

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